Best Drawing Tablets For Kids (Teenager, Wacom, Cheap)

A child’s most creative and imaginative years are between the ages of 3-5. We want our kids to experience as much as possible during this important time, so we encourage them to draw, paint, and create! 

In this buying guide, we have presented the best drawing tablets for your kids. You may have heard about Wacom tablets or even tried out an iPad with a stylus at some point in your life. 

However, these tablets might not work well for children because they require too much precision and offer limited functionality. It is also difficult to find drawing apps that are made specifically for young kids who need less complicated tools than those designed for adults. Anyhow, we have discussed the best tablets below; you can choose any according to your budget! 

Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or something with more features, there is something that suits everyone on this list. The best tablets for children should have a sensitive pen and a responsive touch screen. The device should also come with fun preloaded content that will help them learn how to draw or paint. 

Finally, there must be parental control over the content available on the device and internet access. This way, parents can ensure their child has a safe experience while they’re playing games! 

Kids, art, and drawing are inseparable. They can make anything their canvas from walls to floors to furniture or even other people! It’s no wonder that kids love it so much. That being said, not all kids have the same creative abilities, and some may need a little more help than others to create something they’re proud of. 

Drawing tablets for kids offer an easy way for children with limited fine motor skills and coordination challenges to draw just like everyone else without having any difficulties holding a pencil or pen. 

These tablets allow them to express themselves through creativity by giving them access to endless possibilities in designs available on these devices, such as pictures, videos, games, and more!

List Of Top Rated Best Drawing Tablets For Kids

  1. Huion Inspiroy H1060P Graphics Drawing Tablet
  2. All-new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet
  3. Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB)
  4. XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch FHD Drawing Monitor Pen Display Graphic Monitor
  5. Wacom(CTL4100) Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet for Mac
  6. XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Graphics Tablet
  7. HUION HS64 Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet

1- Huion Inspiroy H1060P Graphics Drawing Tablet

Huion Inspiroy H1060P Graphics Drawing Tablet

An H1060P tablet is a great tool for both hobbyists and professionals looking to expand their options. With six different ways of input, you are assured of finding one that satisfies your demands. 

A battery-free stylus takes away the hassle of spare batteries when out on the go- with ±60 levels of tilt recognition, accurate cursor positioning will be easy! 

Through its Android operating system and compatibility with Android 6+, you can easily connect your phone to it with an OTG connector. The Huion Inspiroy H1060P is a mobile-like tablet, a portable alternative to traditional Cintiq Companion alternatives. It’s great for digital artists who enjoy being on the go and have the latest Android OS. 

The Huion graphics tablet is one of the best deals on the exchange right now. It offers 8,192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, tethered USB connection for wired connections, batteries lasting up to 40 hours, and 16 customizable express keys that let you tailor your experience precisely to your needs. 

It’s really designed with kids in mind- not only does it have a battery-free operation which means endless drawing when inspiration strikes, but it also has fun features to educate your child. 

The Huion Inspiroy H1060P is a versatile and affordable option for aspiring artists looking to branch into digital illustration. The measurements of this pretty slate are 16.6 x 9.9 x 1.7 inches, and it weighs around 2.7 pounds.

2- All-new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet

All-new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet

With the All-new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet, your children have their own full-featured 10.1 inches tablet designed just for them. This is not an app or a toy but a well-built robust device that will provide your kids with hours of fun and entertainment. 

And it’s practical too – now they can read books, explore their imagination with creative play, build new friendships online through gaming chat apps. Write stories in bright, colorful workbooks to be shared digitally with friends and family–whatever makes your child happy. 

It also comes complete with parental controls, so you’ll know what they’re reading or watching at all times–parents can block objectionable content from ever appearing without needing to worry about downloading multiple parental control apps on another tablet! 

A full-featured tablet specifically for kids under 7, with a 2-year worry-free guarantee and Kid-Proof Case included, includes one year of Amazon Kids+. Parents will love this! The adorable child proof case with parental control turns your child’s device into their own “grown-up” device that they can call their own. 

With over 20,000 books and popular games like Barbie Dreamhouse Design and Sago Mini: Farm Animals to download right from the start, there is no end to what your child can do on this incredible tablet from day one. 

The new Fire HD 10 Kids tablet can give you peace of mind with its amazing parental controls and high-quality construction. Features like two cameras, strong aluminosilicate glass screen, Octa-core processor, expandable up to 1 TB storage, USB-C cables, and power adapters all wrapped in a kid-friendly package just the right size for small hands.

3- Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Silver

Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB)

The Apple iPad Mini delivers an excellent way to surf the web, send emails, enjoy photos, video chat with friends and family members abroad or across the street. The tablet is beautifully crafted with a sturdy aluminum bezel that protects its Retina display. 

The device comes in three different colors-silver, space gray, gold-and has 64 GB of memory, enabling users to download applications, store photos, and videos safely on their devices without worrying about running out of storage space. 

Pair this sleek tablet with your lightning connector for charging accessories, or use it as a touch screen for other gadgets that are too small to go directly onto the computer screen. 

Stop struggling through daily tasks cluttered among so many different smaller screens because this 7.9 inches tablet can bring all functions. This sleek, compact device is packed with technology, made for an era of creativity and exploration. 

The A12 Bionic chip provides a powerful experience that can be stored away using the built-in camera in 10 seconds flat. With an 8 MP back camera and 7 MP FaceTime HD front camera, the camera has been designed to take advantage from the ground up to the top. 

Weighing less than 2 pounds and measuring 8.0 inches is easy for children as well as adults to carry around. This product is perfect for those on the go or just looking to receive high-quality content any time they please!

4- XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch FHD Drawing Monitor Pen Display Graphic Monitor

XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Graphics Tablet

The XP-PEN Artist12 is perfect for digital drawing, animation, sketching, photo edits, 3D sculpting, etc! Compatible with Photoshop Illustrator, Adobe SAI Painter MediBang Clip Studio, and more, this monitor will be compatible with your favorite programs or functions without the purchase of any additional software.

The monitor has an IPS display that gives you lower reflectance and wider viewing angles than most monitors on the market today, which provides a clearer picture from every angle. With its high sensitivity pen to draw lines, art illustrations, photo edits, sketches, and more right on the screen, plus dual express keys, it all feels natural with less pressure when using the pen. 

Artist12 drawing tablet is the latest XP-PEN smallest display paired graphic monitor. The Artist 12 has 11.6 inches HD IPS screen pre-installed anti-reflective. It comes with a 72 percent NTSC color gamut, presenting vivid images and 100% SRGB color accuracy for extreme detail of your artwork. 

The XP-PEN with Pen is engineered for ease of use, allowing users to quickly draw on the screen without interfering with their work on the monitor. The unique hexagonal design combined with a non-slip and tack-free, flexible glue grip makes this pen an ergonomic choice that better suits one’s needs over time. 

The partial transparent pen tip facilitates precise drawing while the eraser at its end gives more control resulting in an overall improved writing experience. With eight replacement nibs being included within the set, there are no more worries about running out of ink or nibs! The measurements of the product are 14.33 x 8.58 x 0.31 inches and it weighs around 2 pounds.

5- Wacom(CTL4100) Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet for Mac

Wacom(CTL4100) Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet for Mac

You want to get better at drawing, painting, or photo-editing with infinite potential; who benefits from precise control? With this product, you are getting just that. Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet is exactly what any aspiring artist wants to be working with! 

You have two choices when it comes to the size of the tablet, small and large. If you prefer something compact while still having a big active area, then go for this one! It has all the features of its larger counterpart, making it perfect for traveling animators or anyone in a constrained work space. 

It also accommodates left-handed users with ease! Get the ultimate creative expressive device with high quality tactile control. This notepad-sized tablet is perfect for when you’re on the run and want to create anywhere—especially in confined spaces where your larger laptop won’t fit! 

The Wacom Intuos graphics tablet has access to millions of colors, brush widths, textures, and variable line thicknesses. You can also use it wirelessly with a mobile phone or tablet, so you’re never without your drawings or ideas! Give your creativity more power with the Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet. 

Designed for both Mac and PC, this small tablet has four customizable ExpressKeys that put application-specific shortcuts at your fingertips. With an active battery life of unlimited hours, this tablet is easy to carry around so you can unplug on any given day–perfect if live entertainment or teachers are on the go! The dimensions of this slate are 7.87 x 6.3 x 0.35 inches, and it weighs around 0.634 ounces.

6- XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Graphics Tablet

XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Graphics Tablet

With the Deco 01 V2, you have all the space you need to create or work. The tablet is big and brilliant with a 6.25 inches working area, so keep on creating! 

The tilt supported Deco 01 V2 also delivers smoother lines and strokes while adding shading to your creation. With connections for both Android phones/tablets as well as Windows operating systems, it can be used with any major software, including Flipa Paint, the drawing app of the year. 

This tablet will never leave your side no matter what creativity you’re stuck in! This tablet was designed with care to help bring your ideas, creativity, and vision to life. The tablet supports up to 60 degrees tilt brushes giving you the most natural, fluid strokes possible that won’t skimp on precision or quality. 

It has an 8192 levels pressure sensitivity and uses multi points technology allowing for smart brush control and shading techniques you can easily switch between by just turning a dial! 

Let this tool inspire new worlds through digital drawing while still supporting phones ranging from 6.0+. We believe in making these tools accessible so anyone can create their own beautiful art digitally while fueling productivity to its fullest. 

The XP-PEN tablet is a battery free stylus drawing tablet that was designed with you in mind. The high quality components provide the best possible pen to screen experience allowing you to take advantage of its eight shortcut keys, giving you instant access to shortcuts for your drawings. 

This drawing tablet has all the capabilities needed to make this one of your best purchases; it’s compatible with many different operating systems and can even be used outside!

7- HUION HS64 Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet

HUION HS64 Digital Graphics Drawing Tablet

Don’t just keep digital art on your phone – bring it to life on the Huion HS64. The stylus can be used with any computer or mobile device and offers 2048 pen pressure sensitivity levels that ensure every detail is captured reliably. 

It delivers excellent accuracy for precision pixel-by-pixel design work so that you can create clean lines and shapes without all the guesswork. It’s also extremely comfortable, has a responsive screen capacitive touch panel for an unrivaled drawing performance, and integrates eight programmable hotkeys for powerful shortcuts. 

There are a plethora of software programs out there designed specifically to take advantage of this device’s strengths. So don’t limit yourself; unleash your creativity with this excellent pen tablet! Huion HU64 drawing tablet is way better than using a mouse. 

It eliminates fatigue, reduces repetitive stress injury, and can even lessen the likelihood of other serious illnesses. By eliminating the need to use your hands for prolonged periods of time, our product lessens any anxiety or dissatisfaction felt during work sessions and allows you to feel more like your true self again. 

The Huion HS64 is a light and powerful small tablet to help you be creative anywhere. With the four customizable express keys, you can customize every shortcut that suits your needs. 

The battery-free stylus lets you draw indefinitely without interruptions. It also comes in an active area of 6.3 x 4 inches, so it’s just enough for those limited desktop spaces!

Best Drawing Tablets For Kids Buying Guide:

Drawing tablets for kids is an excellent way to help your child learn and practice their skills. You want to make sure that you are buying the best tablet for them, though! There are a lot of things to think about when you’re buying a drawing tablet for kids. To help, we have compiled some helpful hints and tips below that should help guide your decision-making process.

Age Suitability:

There are many factors in deciding what tablet is right for you. The first thing to think about, and it’s not as easy or straightforward at first glance due to the overlap between categories like childrens’ tablets vs. grownup ones (although we’ve done our best!). 

Consider future-proofing if buying a younger child who may someday have siblings of their own; an expensive 10 inches iPad would likely be too much without considering how quickly technology changes these days! 

Simple Sketch Tablet:

A simple sketch tablet is a great way to get doodles off your mind and onto paper. These can be found in many different models. Still, they don’t usually have the capacity for saved artwork, so it’s important you remember this before making any purchases on Amazon or eBay. 

The LCD tablets that are available now come with what I would call “doodling” as their main purpose: an easy drawing surface where all of our ideas go when we need them super quickly!

Pen Displays:

A pen display is a special type of tablet that has its own screen and can be used to draw on it. The user sees what they are drawing in real-time, with no need for an outside monitor or projector because nothing is blocking their view. 

Instead, all content is shown directly from the device itself, which makes it more immersive than other types, such as paper-based sketching methods where you have something between yourself and your artwork like glass windows, etc.

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