Best Drawing Tablets For Mac (Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPad)

The best drawing tablet for Mac offers many features that are perfect for helping you be creative. These include different types of inputs, such as pressure sensitivity and ergonomic design with tilt adjustments. So that it can fit the user’s hands well while still providing a natural drawing feel.

Using a stylus pen will increase the precision that is a crucial requirement for detailing in the images. You have access to several apps, including Adobe Photoshop Sketch app, where layers can be viewable simultaneously. Adobe Illustrator CC software will allow users who know how to navigate around easily by simply clicking nodes.

Drawing tablets offer advanced technology, which has made creativity more accessible than ever before! And the ones that have immense compatibility with other operating systems like Mac offer the user to work comfortably. So drawing tablets are the perfect way to take your Mac drawing skills from good but not great and make them excellent.

The screen size is a user’s personal preference, but this category serves 21 inches at best. If you are someone who needs a wide space, you must get into that product at once. Moreover, you can also mount it or connect other devices with it. This is possible via a mini display port or VGA adapter.

Some of these tablets offer on screen action where you can visualize the image you are making. Such panels include 1080P resolution for extra sharp and crisp pixels. The others need an additional screen where you can edit the images of your choice. They also have ergonomic handles.

Some people prefer regular styluses because they offer more stability when holding them throughout long sessions navigating complex designs. A drawing tablet is a small device that you can use to digitize your artwork. You could even combine two tablets if necessary by using an offset printing process.

Several customizable keys will offer shortcuts like zoom, pen resize, eraser, and more. This can be especially handy for artists, architects, and other professionals who need high quality artwork tightly controlled in size or scale.

List of Top Rated Best Drawing Tablets For Mac

  1. Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet
  2. Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet
  3. Apple iPad Pro
  4. HUION Graphics Drawing
  5. Graphics Tablets XP-PEN
  6. XP-PEN Artist22 Pro Graphics Monitor
  7. Ugee 19″ Graphics Drawing Tablet Pen

1- Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet

The Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Tablet is quite comfortable with the Mac operating system.  Wacom is the best way to unleash your creativity. It has a precision graphics tablet, which features pressure sensitivity and tilt-response.  A slim design in their most popular size contains a large active area for the seriously creative.

Embrace powerful pen technology with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. Having battery free pen nibs never dry out or need charging or replacing. There is the possibility of virtually lag free tracking. The wireless connection makes it easy to work indoors or outside, far away from your desktop computer.

This tablet comes with simple connectivity in addition to Windows 7 or later users who want an affordable solution. This screen is also fully compatible with today’s programs, including Adobe Photoshop CC, Elements 2019, and Illustrator. The Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro Digital provides 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

You also get tilt response and virtually lag free tracking for ultimate precision and control. With a slim design in our most popular size, 13.2″ x 8.5″ is the active area of  8.7″ x 5.8″. The Intuos Pro is perfect for drawing or photo editing enthusiasts looking to take their work to the next level!

With precision graphic tablet technology, this slim design is perfect for any artist with a serious passion. And do not forget about how versatile this device is because of its wireless Bluetooth compatibility. So you can work on projects from anywhere in your home without being tied to one chair!

Nearly lag free tracking will make designing a seamless process without any interference from movement or latency problems. It also allows designs to progress seamlessly between touch sensing and drawing mode. On the other hand, this allows you to use your fingers or hands and pens or Z brush tools directly on the surface for maximum versatility.

2- Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet

Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet

The Wacom Cintiq 22 is an amazing addition to your computer that draws you into the creative process. Giving you a seamless connection within your work is what you need at the moment. The surface is scratch resistant and prevents distracting reflections as you create.

Adjustable Stand fine tunes your desired angle for drawing or using the pen. Multi touch features while working on your next masterpiece give you better options to prevail. The detachable pen holder with 3 replacement nibs will remind you that crucial tools are never too far away.

Nib Removal Tool ensures no time is wasted in fixing what can go wrong if it does! Cintiq’s HD display contains 16.7 million colors and is 72% NTSC/Cue 1931 typical. It is combined with 2 technologies and will provide clarity.

Wacom Cintiq 22 comes with HD Screen 2 technology. You can enjoy the Cintiq for Drawing, Painting, and Penciling all your designs. Having 8192 pressure levels is every artist’s dream come true! Low activation force and tilt recognition make your work effortless.

The 21 inches screen of Cintiq shows a 1920×1080 HD display. It offers you the clarity to see every detail of your work.This tablet has a clever update to the classic drawing tool. It offers a creative outlet for professionals and enthusiasts alike. A high-res HD display provides clarity so you can see every detail of your work with no distracting reflections from light or glassy screens.

The adjustable stand allows you to use the Cintiq in tandem with a computer. You can get work done for digital illustration, art 3D modeling, animation, video editing, and more! Enhanced battery life by up to 16 hours when detached can easily angle the display at just the right height.

3- Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro

Hey, it is you! Your trusty companion Apple is trying to make sense of an indecipherable world. Our goal is to help foster creativity, relaxation, expanded learning abilities and heightened immune systems. One important accessory for life is an iPad Pro 4th generation.

This 2020 edition is an advanced product with all the features you need now but with so many more coming later on down the line. Once they perfect them or invent something better than sleek, you will be out to get it. So why not look into this capable tablet that will offer you more than just power and capability.

With the 12.9 inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display, you get to see incredible visuals. Having ProMotion, True Tone, and P3 wide color will improve the production of colors and the final picture.

The storage sizes up to 512GB; this iPad is equipped to take on whatever you throw its way. From multitasking to intensive tasks like data analysis or heavy workloads for hours at a time. The A12Z Bionic chip allows for amazing visuals and low power consumption without compromising speed.

Its powerful LiDAR Scanner handles anything from fluid video editing to immersive virtual reality games. Face ID means your tablet unlocks within milliseconds while Apple Pay lets you securely pay online. Meet all your creative and productivity needs with the amazing 2020 Apple iPad Pro.

This device is packed with mobility or convenience that is perfect for work on the go. With beautiful colors that come alive in outdoor light, True Tone adjusts to ambient light. This 16 GB of RAM will be the future for Apple that will swerve speed and accuracy. Plus, with iOS 12 compatibility, there has never been a better time to purchase one of these tablets.

4- HUION Graphics Drawing 

HUION Graphics Drawing

The HS610 is Huion’s newest graphics drawing tablet on the market. We know you want to make your artwork pop, which is why it has a pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels. With a response time of 16ms, build precision in your work without lagging. If you are looking for more creative freedom with your art, this product offers tiltable brushes.

For any angle up to ±60 degrees, it also includes an improved touch ring. This will help you control zoom and scrolling without having to switch back and forth from tabbing through your files! The 12 buttons on the sides, including button customization options, allow you to use this graphics brush.

Its new battery free stylus gives artists the smoothest lines without needing to stop for charging. It offers increased accuracy and sensitivity to make sketching simpler. But what sets it apart from its competitors is that there are 12 customizable buttons on this tablet. They will allow you to set them up however you like.

Accessibility professional software? Check! Save money by buying your favorite brush combo packs? Done! If the stylus feels a little too standard for you, purchase an extra pen nib. The HUION HS610 Graphics drawing tablet is designed for artists who want to upgrade their toolkit with a versatile, intuitive graphics tablet experience. 

It offers great versatility, so you can create artworks that look like they have been touched by a human hand. Drawing tablet that is touch compatible and has a stylus with pressure sensitivity up to 8192 points. It can handle drawings or painting, making it suitable for professional as well as personal use.

5- Graphics Tablets XP-PEN

Graphics Tablets XP-PEN

XP-Pen has been creating the best drawing tablets for every type of user. Deco 01 is for users that are more used to Mac Operating systems. For using this tablet, Mac Mojave 10.14 or Above needs to add the “PenTabletSetting.” The surface is divided into a 4K screen and a 3 axis to rotate the 8 shortcuts.

No need to charge, and it has a 60 degrees tilt. This way, you do not have any interference from your wrist movements. It also supports left handed users as well as right handed users. DECO 01 comes with either Windows 10/8/7 compatibility or Mac OS 10.8 compatibility, whichever you prefer!

This device is compatible with major programs such as Photoshop, SAI, Painter, etc.. it gives an edge over traditional pen tablets in terms of usability for both beginners and professionals alike! Three button side switches and digital display design for intuitive and quick response.

There are 8 shortcut keys for zoom in/out, brush size +/-, undo, hand, brush, and eraser. An ergonomic design can be gripped from the top with the thumb area elevated to reduce wrist pressure. This pen tablet supports 60 degrees tilt and comes with lint free cleaning cloths for faster workflow.

From a 10×6.25 inch working area, it meets various designers’ needs. Moreover, 8192 Levels Sensitivity means the best responsiveness wherever you trace it. Thus, DECO 01 is not just a graphics tablet; it is the perfect tool for professional web designers and beginners alike.

This extra sleek device also supports 60 degrees tilt which makes this modern graphics tablet uniquely convenient. Choose the brightness of the screen according to your preference. The rubberized design makes it comfortable and reduces slipping on the desk edge.

Multi interface input gives you more choices for connecting equipment like PC/Laptop, not just computers but also smartphones. You can add Android 4.4 or higher, IOS 9 or higher, etc.

6- XP-PEN Artist22 Pro Graphics Monitor

XP-PEN Artist22 Pro Graphics Monitor

The ultimate laptop tandem for artists, designers, illustrators, and animators is here. This display provides a seamless digital workflow that boosts creativity with its versatile set of features. Experience remarkable clarity with 1080p resolution on XP-Pen artist22. Its  8192 pressure sensitivity and an extra-wide 178° viewing angle make working easier.

Arrange multiple screens side by side or stack them vertically to work faster without scrolling back to find your next tool. Ergonomic design allows you to be comfortable while drawing on the display, so all sketches will appear clear. The screen can also be detached from the stand onto a 75×75 mm VESA mount.

Now you can get the best view of sharp detailing in each frame. The body is sturdy yet ergonomica so that it prevents shaking or sliding the resting panel. It also provides a comfortable drawing experience when you avail the 75×75 mm VESA mount. Supporting Windows 7/8/10 and Mac 10.10. Version or later increases its compatibility list.

An extraordinarily wonderful graphics monitor is useful for painting icons with fluidity on your computer screen or laptop. The 21 inches of stunning visuals will portray your masterpiece in high definition. With its extra-large 4k resolutions, a wide color gamut covers the 100% sRGB look.

What is more, it has been designed for those who have delicate hands or suffer from hand pain. So now you can spend hours working without slowing down! It does not matter if it is a small detail in a huge landscape; a breathtaking portrait close up will be coming your way to leave you in awe. This product will let you see everything in immersive clarity.

7- Ugee 19″ Graphics Drawing Tablet Pen

Ugee 19 Graphics Drawing Tablet Pen

Need crisp graphics for your canvas? This Ugee 19 inch graphics drawing tablet pen is perfect for artists who want to take their work to the next level. It features a 1920×1080 resolution on a TN panel. It takes up about as much space as an iPad, so if you have plenty of desk or table space but not enough creativity in those pixels, this may be just what you need.

Need something that will protect your laptop’s screen? Well, then the Ugee 19″ Graphics Drawing Tablet is for you. It comes equipped with a to the point LCD panel with an anti glare coating. For what matters most to creatives, this tablet provides pressure sensitivity levels. So you can get really detailed in your drawing effects with the precision of this tablet.

The best part about this product is how lightweight it is at just 18 pounds. Because of its size, it will not take up too much space on your desk or lap while you work. Next, connect your favorite LCD or TFT screen to this compact 19 inch monitor. With Ugee’s patent pending monolithic design, this process is hassle free.

Ideal for the laptop artist on the go, it can easily be used from any direction in your profession. This is a cross between an artist’s dream and a musician’s utopia. This device uses Pen Tablets to create the perfect drawing surface for budding artists, musicians, and engineers alike!

The screen size is spacious and adjustable for individual preferences. It also comes with many stickers that help reduce glare and prevent fingerprints from damaging your work of art. Connect it with your Windows or Mac through a mini display port, VGA adapter for increasing screen space.

 Best Drawing Tablets For Mac Buying Guide

You can choose the tablet for drawing without changing the operating system. This way, the user can enjoy creating artwork in his comfort zone. Tablets that are compatible with Mac should have some of the following features. 


The screen type can be IPS, TN, or VA panel. It depends on your work which kind of panel you prefer. All these types have their perks where some offer better colors and some clearer pixels. If you want more space on the screen, you should focus on the size, as it can go as high as 19 inches.

Mount it on the wall through VESA by stacking other panels, too, or put it on the desk for easy access. In addition to this, anti glare coating reduces reflections from light that can irritate while working.


Your tablet must be compatible with software like Krita, photoshop, illustrator, Sketchbook Pro, Coral draw, etc. This feature allows more apps to be used for multiple variations of creating artwork.


Some tablets are not stand alone products. To connect them with a device like a laptop or a smartphone, you need to have a USB, HDMI, or VGA adapter besides the display port, especially if you want to attach it with a Mac.


There are 8192 pressure sensitive points on the screen. This allows the user to work more intuitively and bring forth the precision that was once missing in his earliest work.


Most advanced tablets do not have a charging stylus. So you can start working on the go without waiting for the pen to charge first. Others charge off from the screen itself, so your work is easier and faster.

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