Best Hackintosh Laptops Cheap Laptop For Hackintosh Catalina Guide

If you are someone who want to fit in the Mac operating system into a non Apple device, then best Hackintosh laptops will surely pop into your head. This pc is preferred by anyone who would want to have large storage and strong server on board.

Apple has done a great job in inventing a system that is fast and efficient at the same time. Making a Mac OS work on a non Apple device is the magic of technology which also means that one product really needs to have that sort of muscle to run such system or dual OS on the same device.

Finding such a sturdy laptop brand is now made easy in this article where you can get all the information about all those products that will work best with Hackintosh OS. The benefit of this option is that you get to have more access to the hardware components which were out of reach before.

Not only giving you the style and feel of a Macbook without spending any money on it but it also lets you operate in that same fashion with certain speed and efficiency that is required for an Apple product. On the brighter side you are able to get the latest HDMI and display port connections in addition to DVI because Mac does not support analog connectivity.

The processors that is supported by this operating system consists of latest Intel’s core i9 Coffee Lake 9000 series and Catalina 10.15 in Mac. Where there is the latest CPU, there has to have a graphic intended built in GPU in UHD 630.

Considering what you are going to get in this category of High End gaming laptops, is state of the art features list. Strong video cards, flexible connectivity, latest CPUs, vast storage capacity and other tweaks are just some of the perks of having a product that is Hackintosh friendly.

List Of Top Rated Best Laptop For Hackintosh

  1. ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 UX461UN-DS74T Notebook
  2. Dell XPS9570-7016SLV-PUS Generation Intel Core i7-8750H Processor
  3. ASUS S510UA-DS71 VivoBook S Ultra Thin and Portable Laptop
  4. New Acer MAIN-164895 Laptop Aspire E 15 E5-575G-52RJ
  5. Dell Inspiron i7559-5012GRY 15.6″ UHD (3840×2160) 4k Touchscreen Laptop
  6. Lenovo T8TJG Yoga 920 – 13.9″ 4K UHD Touch
  7. HP – L0Q51UA Spectre x360 2-in-1 13.3″ Touch-Screen Laptop

1- ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 UX461UN-DS74T Notebook

ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 UX461UN-DS74T Notebook

ASUS has built a jaw dropping laptop that is sturdy enough to work under the heavy operating systems as Hackintosh. With a home or pre installed OS on Windows 10 this machine is bound to achieve something big.

Having a screen of 14 inches and ultra slim design build, Asus zenBook Flip has raised the bar for all the brands in the market providing similar products. A 360° of hinge is quite an upgrade and convenient way to let the consumer use it the way they like.

Although there are a lot of things that can be said and added into the good list of this device but the impressive part is the graphics card. NVIDIA GeForce MX150 to let you stream, play and watch your favorite hobbies or videos anytime without any glitches.

The smooth succession of smooth playback is one of the perks of ZenBook flip. Backed up by Intel core i7 8th generation quad core CPU, this laptop runs on 4.0GHz speed leaving all behind. The addition of such discrete graphics lets you get to see the sharpness in all the images.

16GB of vast LPDDR3 RAM is that temporary memory which has the capability of keeping all the data you are about to or you have given before to your system. The more this RAM is the better you are able to complete your tasks.

ASUS stylus pen gives you one of the best captive touch screen experience on top of built in finger print scanner. Through these features and voice recognition command you get all the control in your hands plus the security to secure your data.


  • Windows 10 OS
  • Intel Core i7
  • 14” screen size
  • 4.0 GHz processor speed
  • Fingerprint sensor, voice recognition
  • 512GB SSD

2- Dell XPS9570-7016SLV-PUS Generation Intel Core i7-8750H Processor

Dell XPS9570-7016SLV-PUS Generation Intel Core i7-8750H Processor

Designed on the thin bezel body, Dell XPS 15 is a stunning looking product with innovative feature list. Not only the body looks sleek, the software put inside has the robust quality to push through toughest of tests there are.

For getting the approved stamp from the users, Dell has made this laptop on a 15.6 inches of slim screen that is capable of giving 4K resolution. Much can be said about the gamers’ favorite resolution but 8th gen corei7 processor is also worth the mention. Students of different subject can also use this laptop, i.e. lawyers students , and nursing students. MBA students, Architecture Students.

The addition of GeForce GTX 1050 Ti works best with the processor to give you a smooth tech experience no matter you game on it or work. 16GB DDR4 temporary memory is able to process the tasks quickly and without letting you wait for anything in return.

Talking much about the storage, vast enough to contain the information on your system is the fastest PCIe SSD of 512GB. With spacious room and high performance under Dell’s Flagship lets your system response quickly.

Backlit keyboard, audio Maxx boosting sound system, Dell cinema is one of those things that comes as a bonus with this product. The précised design on aluminium and corning gorilla class 4 maximizes the durability on this machine.

A game ready intelligence item that is strong and sleek in design is also saves the environment is how Dell wins the field with this gesture. Killer 1535 Wireless adapter provides the user a stable and reliable connection for fast networking.


  • 8th generation Intel core i7
  • 15.6” screen
  • 4k touch panel resolution
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti
  • MaxxAudio boost audio

3- ASUS S510UA-DS71 VivoBook S Ultra Thin and Portable Laptop

ASUS S510UA-DS71 VivoBook S Ultra Thin and Portable Laptop

VivoBook S by ASUS is a uniquely designed portable laptop that does not leave any space in terms of its performance. On a narrow bezel screen of 15.6 inches, also one of users favorite screen specifically gamers, has been equipped with wide view technology. It lets you view the bright screen from possibly every angle.

The thin look is compact with power and durability with Intel core i7 processor. 8GB of DDR4 RAM delivers the smooth and detailed graphics without waiting for them to load. Combining the power of dual storage including 128GB SSD and 1TB of HDD, this laptop has been drastically improved.

Referring to the hyper-charged capacity of this product brings both the world of speed and storage altogether to serve the user a blistering performance while they transfer data. Further you get to obtain extended connectivity options for simple and quick data recovery.

USB 3.0, 3.1 and 2.0 is the legacy ASUS is maintaining in this laptop with the support of HDMI and SD card ports. This massive range of peripherals lets you connect many devices without any hassle under a single cable.

Ergonomically friendly keyboard that lights up when you type lets the user to experience the comfort of typing anytime and anywhere. Where the crisp visuals appeal the user’s sight there is also the eye care formula y the brand to keep flickering lights away from distortions and bad eye sight.

Above that there is also a secure and quick method to enter your property through the fingerprint sensor which only you can access. The cherry on top is the tuned audio quality to bless your ears with the best sound possible.


  • 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD storage
  • Backlit keyboard
  • USB 3.1, 3.0, 2.0 type C, HDMI ports
  • Finger print scanner

4- New Acer MAIN-164895 Laptop Aspire E 15 E5-575G-52RJ

New Acer MAIN-164895 Laptop Aspire E 15 E5-575G-52RJ

Acer launched the aspiration of many manufacturers, aspire E 15 to make every jaw drop. On a sleek screen of 15.6 inches that has bright visual capacity, you are sure to see the realistic images in front of you.

8GB OF DDR3 RAM makes the everyday tasks quicker than usual from ordinary laptops. The massive storage of 1TB of hard disk evaluates all the data stored in this laptop with a secure platform. Running on the base processor of 2.3GHz, its lightening fast setup makes the process of data transfer easy and instant. 

Making this a gaming centric device by putting NVIDIA GeForce 940MX, Acer has been thoughtful about the users’ demands. This feature lets you play the sims 4 game with smooth and clear graphics and every frame seems stutter free.

Windows 10 as the latest home OS in this laptop, the good list of specs are strong enough to be made compatible with Hackintosh OS for the fast server response and storage. A yearlong warranty covers all the accidental damages giving the user the same trust which Acer has earned.

The addition of Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.1, wireless protocol, card reader makes it one heck of a device. The expanded connectivity on the hardware interface with USB 3.0, HDMI, Thunderbolt 4, VGA, USB 2.0 type c with headphone jack lets you compete with other brands in the same pricing.


  • 15.6” screen size
  • 1TB HDD
  • 2.3 GHz base CPU speed
  • Intel core i5 dual processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce support
  • 1 year warranty

5- Dell Inspiron i7559-5012GRY 15.6″ UHD (3840×2160) 4k Touchscreen Laptop

Dell Inspiron i7559-5012GRY 15.6 UHD (3840x2160) 4k Touchscreen Laptop

The new Dell Inspiron 15 is from the series of gaming centered devices and this laptop supports such features. Coming in 15.6 inches of standard screen size, you get to visualize 4K resolution in the video and images portrayed on the wide screen.

The truly exceptional true to life color gamut and the HD touch display is able to bring fine clarity in every frame. Not just the display but the connectivity options are also worth the mention because the expanded interface. USB 3.0, 2.0 and HDMI ports with SD card slot is no less than a blessing for quick transference of files.

Powered by Intel’s quad core i7 processor, the brand has put focus on the performance of the laptop. 8GB DDR3 RAM is able to comprehend all the receiving commands into processes in less than a second. There is the addition of huge 1TB hard disk space where all your long term data is saved.

Pictures that come to life on a panel with the GDDR4 4GB of graphics card memory and NVIDIA’s support makes it all come true. GeForce GTX 960M accelerates the option for video editing and provides high frame rates. 

A responsive and reliable performance rate is what every user is looking and the battery life of 10+ hours makes sure that this process does not stop. Lifelike gaming is incomplete without the stereo sound system with subwoofer speakers built in the main body.


  • 15.6” UHD screen
  • Intel quad core i7
  • 1TB HDD
  • 4K Led panel
  • GeForce GTX 960M
  • 4GB GDDR4 discrete video card
  • Subwoofer stereo speakers

6- Lenovo T8TJG Yoga 920 – 13.9″ 4K UHD Touch

Lenovo T8TJG Yoga 920 - 13.9 4K UHD Touch - 8Gen i7-8550U - 16GB - 512GB SSD - Silver

With the same 360 degrees hinge Lenovo Yoga 920 comes with a 13.9 inches of ultra HD resolution. The money line is its 4K pixel quality that lets you game, work or plays your favorite videos in fine quality. A long battery life and webcam services, this laptop has made it to the category of robust devices of all time.

Including the Intel 8th generation core i7 processor that has a base speed of 1.8 GHz, make your daily tasks quick and speedy. The decent addition of 16GB of DDR4 RAM puts more value into the system even in the temporary memory.

512GB of solid state drive is a large room to keep all your files gathered in one place with the easy access option. With the boost of 4GHz of speed, the whole process of data transfer and progress is multiplied by hundred.

Intel’s UHD graphics 620 game card is responsible for smooth gaming experience with sharp visual perspective. Adding more Yoga 920 is capable of delivery powerhouse of a performance when it comes to responsiveness and sturdy delivery.

An expanded connectivity of USB 3.0 type C and thunderbolt 3, you get to attach multiple devices as sound bars and consoles etc. Bluetooth 4.1 and 5GHz of Wi-Fi 802.11ac adds as the versatile compact machine by the brand.

With the type of convertible screen, the user is intended to use this laptop as a tablet in various creative modes. Not forgetting the stylus pen that makes an easy way to put your illustrations and creativity at work.


  • 13.9” screen size
  • Intel core i7 gen 8th
  • 1.8GHz base speed CPU
  • 4K UHD touch panel
  • UHD graphics 620 GPU
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • Thunderbolt 3 connectivity

7- HP – L0Q51UA Spectre x360 2-in-1 13.3″ Touch-Screen Laptop

HP - L0Q51UA Spectre x360 2-in-1 13.3 Touch-Screen Laptop

The powerhouse of HP in the form of Spectre x360 has made a mark in the laptop market. The touch screen with the size of 13.3 inches in HD quality graphics happens to be one of the smartest additions by the brand.

A vivid visual based on Intel core i7 processor that runs on 2.7 GHz of base speed and 3.9 GHz of boost speed handles the data performances well. More on this stance is the HD graphics 520 to deliver smooth gaming experience appealing the community as well.

8GB RAM is the temporary memory solution for the quick tasks given to the system. This feature also helps in 4K video editing and pixel rendering in this hardware. 256GB of solid state drive is able to handle and give access to all the files and data the user will be keeping in this device.

HP comes with a tilt or stylus pen plus the convertible screen makes a good tablet use of this laptop making it a 2-in-1 smart machine as an invention of today’s tech world. USB 3.1 type C of thunder bolt 3 connections with Bluetooth is the easiest yet quickest way of transferring files from one device into another.

The long battery life is one of the noteworthy qualities of this laptop giving full coverage of 12 hours of long timing.  Easy to hold in hand, this laptop finishes the look with the addition of two cooling fans sitting on the base of the body to function noiseless cooling.


  • 13.3” touch screen
  • Intel core i7 processor
  • 2.7GHz up to 3.1 GHz speed
  • 8GB DDR3 memory
  • 256GB SSD
  • Intel HD graphics 520
  • USB 3.1 type C thunderbolt port
  • 12 hours battery life

Best Laptop For Hackintosh Guide

The question asked the most by users is that if their laptop can bear the load of Hackintosh OS. The answer to this query lies in the type of hardware installed in the system. If the hardware components are of robust quality then the problem is there no more.

Processor type:

The support of Intel makes the compatibility a lot easier than AMD which can be a bit tricky. The CPU that work best with Hackintosh OS are 4th generation core i3 to 9th generation core i9 and in between. These are a good build for the dual OS you may want in your laptop.

Graphics card:

For the graphic centered work like photo editing or gaming, this factor needs to be considered. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or 1650 Ti series can be a good companion for Hackintosh. Other than this 650 or 750 are the tough series to go about your way.

The latest processors like Intel’s coffee lake 9000 series and Mac’s Catalina 10.15 or UHD 630 built in graphics work wonders with the desired OS that is MacOS.


One of the major reasons users go for Mac operating system is that it provides large space for storage.  Laptops with hard disk drive and solid state drives consist of 256GB to 1TB of storage capacity. APFS file system support an optimized SSD giving a speedy operation to your system.

Other Features:

Type C USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 is a good chance for the quick file transfer but it may require a little patching in start. What else you will be getting in these laptops is 720p webcam that is suggested for facetime. Optical drive are supposed to be in perfect sync with Mac operating system for reading, web surfing, writing disks etc.

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