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For organizing your data and notes on smart devices, the best tablets for OneNote are made for ease. Creating sections and unlimited space to keep your headspace clear was never this fun. Thanks to the well-known brands who understand the need for notes organization for the people who still like to create lists for their goals.

The only difference between the old paper-pencil times and this is the advancement of technology. You can get tablets that will help you create notes and organize them into a linear pattern and serve you with many more features. Some of them include graphic designing, media watching, attending meetings, video calls, and much more.

With a minimum of 8GB RAM that serves as the temporary memory, it is used for placing the commands such as copy-paste and multitasking. This feature is vast enough to let you be productive on a single screen and complete a dozen tasks in no time. On the contrary, the storage ranges from 128GB to 256GB in this category, where you can store all your files and important documents safely and securely.

Facial recognition is a factor that graphics tablets are now getting familiar with. This element allows you to open your tablet with a single glance without touching any button. As incredible as this is, it also serves as multi-face recognition so you can share your device with friends or family.

USB type C ports for fast charging or connecting accessories like keyboards, mouse or drawing pens are another true evidence of advanced technology. Screen size can range from 7 to 22 inches depending on the brand and its variant you will buy.

Many of these tablets are stand-alone devices, but some need to be connected with laptops or PCs. Not omitting the fact that it increases the overall working space, you can review both screens side by side, so it takes away the hassle of switching from one window to another.

Compact in size with audio speakers and microphones lets you enjoy a boost of a clear sound wave. On the other hand, front-facing dual cameras and back cameras are helpful for zoom or skype meetings in such situations as the pandemic. A versatile device at your hand will certainly increase your productivity by a fair mark.

List Of Top Rated Best Tablet For OneNote

  1. Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi, 256GB
  2. Microsoft Surface QWU-00001 Pro 7 – 12.3″ Tablet
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi
  4. Fire HD 10 Tablet 10 Inch Tablet
  5. Apple iPad MXAT2LL/A Pro 13-inch Tablet
  6. Lenovo ZA4G0078US Tab M10 HD Tablet
  7. HUION GS2202 KAMVAS 22 Plus Graphics Drawing Tablet

1- Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi, 256GB

Apple iPad Mini Wi-Fi, 256GB

Light and compact size have the best example in Apple’s iPad mini tablet in its latest model. With 7.9 inches from the smallest screen in its siblings; and is under a pound for its weight. Having such features makes this a perfect travel companion as you take your digital organizer with you.

It suits all the consumer budgets from an entry-level to a mid-range device and comes with a one-year warranty. To keep up with its competitors, it includes a fingerprint ID and supports Bluetooth keyboards and an Apple pencil. A robust front and back camera for 7 MP and 8 MP, respectively, makes this device versatile in its approach.

The HD screen of 1080p resolution shows and records clarity of life and brings out the best in each frame. 10 hours of juicy time is possible with one full charge, which is quite the power you get in a mini-set. Set up with the A12 Bionic chip, the memory of this device exceeds 256 GB having a spacious room for keeping all your data safe.

Facetime your friends, colleagues, or family with this tablet or listen to the stereo sound on the available speakers. However you want to spend your evenings, the machine is ready for it all. Its lighting connector supports charging notifications and accesses when attached to this beast.

Built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi allows you for faster networking in this world of the internet, so you never feel left out. One good investment will save your hassle for a long time as the brand covers a year of damages etc., use it all day with all-powerful apps to become productive, and the retina display makes it easier for reading in any light.

2- Microsoft Surface QWU-00001 Pro 7 – 12.3″ Tablet

Microsoft Surface QWU-00001 Pro 7 – 12.3 Tablet

Take notes on how Microsoft surface Pro 7 takes over the market with its incredible features for a compact device. Based on Intel’s 10th Gen Core i5 processor, you get to run various powerful apps on it without a glitch. This laptop class tablet is built for all-day usage and multitasking capabilities.

10.5 hours of the battery gives this machine leverage over any ordinary tablet you find in the market. As per your will in standby or active usage mode, what you are getting is the best version of Microsoft on a tablet. 8GB RAM and 256Gb storage have enough room to contain all the data unified under its flagship.

The conversion of the laptop to tablet is truly remarkable as the brand has combined two devices into one. On the plus side, there is the connectivity of USB A and C ports for attaching more devices with it to complete a setup. The user-friendly adaptation makes this machine a device of the next generation.

Fuel your ideas with the long-lasting battery and powerful processor, and the Windows sign-in family. Create your own working station and cloud to keep the files secure for an exceptional value.

With different modes for viewing your screens, such as laptop, studio, coding or programming tablet, there is a high chance you get to be better at reading PDFs and Ebooks. A built-in kick-back stand and 15 degrees writing or drawing angle allow the user to ooze their hidden creativity.

Another decent addition is the Intel iris plus graphics for better visual understanding and befriending your screen at all times. Windows 10 as the home operating system becomes a perfect match for this smart machine.

3- Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi

Transform your gadget into something more compact yet versatile with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. It consists of a 12.4 inches screen size with 2800 x 1752 WQXGA+ resolution for starters.  Everything you need to consider tiny details in each photo and frame is present in this beauty.

With DeX mode on, you get to complete your tasks in a PC-performing capability. Your entertainment and working space have been upgraded for a cinematic viewing experience on the AMOLED display. An edge-to-edge design with more TFTs tuned by AKG enhances the visuals much better than an ordinary screen does.

Dolby Atmos surround sound quality serves excellent audio to bless your ears with crystal clear clarity and absolutely no distortion. Thanks to quad speakers for providing the user with a boost of sound right from the device. Fast charging is one of the noteworthy features of this device that last up to 14 hours.

your battery is staying with you for a long worry-less time. USB C type port on constant video playbacks, for it gets you several hours in a single charge. Copy or paste images, texts, or anything from your phone to this tablet with one UI 3.1 synchronization. Built-in Wi-Fi connection changes the way you see tablets anymore.

Attach another device via Bluetooth connectivity and set your game time in action to rise. A very secure and sound device is easy to unlock for the user with a single touch with fingerprint mounted on the side and in the display. Youtube premium includes ad-free videos, allowing you free from the most annoying perk of the internet surfing.

4- Fire HD 10 Tablet 10 Inch Tablet

Fire HD 10 Tablet 10 Inch Tablet

Fire HD 10 tablet is known for its full HD display with 1080 pixel resolution. Giving 30% faster processing to the overall unit is now possible with a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor. With 2GB RAM offers quick temporary memory to pick and supply the commands to the required components. 

Stream your favorite videos and applications on its 10.1 inches screen size. Its pixel resolution ranges up to 1080, and full HD displays epic detail. Crisp visuals are a dream of every user, and your dream can come to life with this device. Download the kind of things you want to see on your tablet with 32GB of capable memory.

This tablet is designed for wide-screen entertainment and working purposes. There are thousands of channels, apps, and videos you can watch in different viewing modes. Picture-in-picture for multitasking rules ensures two applications can be run on the same screen.

Easy connection with Alexa works on the voice command while FIre HD 10 protects your privacy and information. Kid-friendly devices make this tablet ideal for the whole family. The brand has got the subscription of Amazon kids+ for accessing 20,000+ videos of kids content.

Coming with a 360 cover to protect the machine from scratching or damaging is a thoughtful step by the providers. A magnetic closure helps the cover keep close if you are traveling with this buddy. A cutout is made for the ports and cameras upon the cover.

12 hours of long battery life will keep the party going until you drop. USB type C port is present for charging the tablet in 4 hours to full.

5- Apple iPad MXAT2LL/A Pro 13-inch Tablet

Apple iPad MXAT2LLA Pro 13-inch Tablet

Jot down your ideas for writing, building, or designing with Apple iPad Pro 4th generation tablets. 12.9 inches edge-to-edge display portrays stunning images for viewing. Bringing out the best in photos with liquid retina display in P3 wide color gamut is now possible. ProMotion and Truetone feature better quality in each frame.

As fast as the PC you own, A12Z bionic chip consists of 8 core graphics to power the usage. The all-day battery lets you work or play for 10 hours straight in constant usage. Easy to carry tablet can fit in smaller spaces like luggage or hand carries. Much to brag about the networking capacity of this device containing Wi-Fi and LTE connection.

Capture the beautiful moments of life with 12MP wide and 10 MP ultra-wide back cameras. Attend your business meetings even when you are not in the office or school with a 7MP true depth front camera. Face ID secures your information from theft or losing information.

Make your room a home theater with 4 audio speakers that serve the user with sound clarity. In addition to this, 5 microphones are added in studio quality build for sending distortion-free sound. The tablet supports a magic keyboard, Apple Pencil, and smart keyboard folio.

USB Type C connection enables fast charging and supports other accessories’ attachments. Moreover, Applecare+ provides damage coverage with all-time priority to its customers. A game world subscription makes gaming fun with 100+ ad-free games to get your hands on.Apple TV+ subscription for 6 members comes within the package to let you watch the original series.

6- Lenovo ZA4G0078US Tab M10 HD Tablet

Lenovo ZA4G0078US Tab M10 HD Tablet

Integrated with a powerful chip, Lenovo Tab M10 HD is a modern-day technology. Based on android version 9.0, it consists of a quad-core Qualcomm processor for faster processing. With a battery of 4850 mAh, you get to run the tablet throughout the day with continuous use.

The right specs will get you to run your tablet smoothly without a mess. Packed with 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity allows the user worldwide networking at a faster pace. Face recognition login makes the device unlocking easier and anti-theft approach. Turn on the kids’ mode for family-friendly content and save your important files from being lost.

Dual front-facing speakers are responsible for providing ultra-clear audio and boost to a dull environment. Through parental control options and eye protection technology, reduce strain from your eyesight to protect your eyes. Multi-user face unlocking your family uses it without the hassle of forgetting or asking for a password.

Open the world of new possibilities with a glance and an HD screen to pinpoint each detail in vivid clarity. The additional storage capacity reaches up to 256 micro SD card installations. Keeping your files safe will let you choose another device in case of switching from one series of Lenovo HD 10 tablets to another.

IPS display ensures each frame portrays the best of each frame, working together with the pixel resolution. Lenovo is ready to dispatch its affordable and versatile tablet into the market for a vast audience.

7- HUION GS2202 KAMVAS 22 Plus Graphics Drawing Tablet

HUION GS2202 KAMVAS 22 Plus Graphics Drawing Tablet

Huion Kamvas has been making tablets that work wonders with applications like PowerPoint, OneNote, word, excel, etc. You need to plug the device into your computer or laptop for the tablet to work. This way, it increases your working space and ensures multitasking on the go.

Dual USB type C ports supporting 3-in1 connectivity for the computer setup to get it attached with. This means HDMI and display ports are the other two connections that assure the plug securely while connecting it to your computer. This way, you only need one port that serves the purpose of 3 while getting rid of the HDMI port or adapter.

A versatile device like this contains full lamination technology on its 21.5 inches screen. Unleash the graphic designer in you for making amazing adobe illustrations and sketches with full control over the cursor. An anti-glare glass panel reduces the unnecessary glare on the screen.

140% sRGB offers a realistic color gamut on the panel in HD resolution bringing the best out of each frame. The 178-degree wide view angle lets you see the beauty of each picture from all sides of the display. 1200:1 contrast ratio lets you differentiate between the pixel depth of this tablet and ordinary ones.

It comes with the premium pen technology giving you pen on paper drawing feeling if you are an old school stuck in this world of ever-growing technology. The responsive sensor with capacitive pressure sensor makes the screen very responsive while eliminating glitches.

Compatible with Windows, Mac or Microsoft, start creating your art piece or manage your notes with its incredible screen performance. Higher efficiency is required for such tasks, and this drawing tablet is nailing at it.

Buying guide of tablets for OneNote

Choosing a tablet for yourself may not sound as tricky since there is more than one option to look for. The tech market is vast and massive, with tons of devices to offer what you may need at the moment. But choosing the right device will increase your work production and satisfaction in the long run.


The size of the tablets in the mid-range tier ranges from 7 to 22 inches wide. IPS panels include a decent contrast ratio and wide viewing angles for a comfortable, vivid, and bright panel view. 140% sRGB support brings out the best details in each photo to dazzle the viewer’s eyes.

View mode:

There are several viewing modes like laptops, tablets, movies, etc. This means the screen is designed in the ideal orientation for the user display. Eye care technology reduces eye strain and fatigue, increasing more hours or working time.


Built-in Wi-Fi is a need for every programmer, designer, Zbrush user, reader, or even kids so that they can connect with the online world. Opening new gates of possibilities and millions of options to play your fingers with, 802.11ac fast networking should be present in this era of tablets.


Temporary storage and permanent space are present in all the devices. The former is used for real-time commands like copy text, pasting, recording, and such, whereas the latter stores photos, videos, and documents, etc., on your device. They both better be vast enough to contain and perform the required action without lagging.

Depending on the variant or the brand you will buy, the minimum RAM ranges from 4GB and a maximum of 16GB. For mid-range tablets, 8GB looks like a good option for choosing a fast machine. Storage capacity includes 32GB to 256GB for a mid-tier device to secure all the files by unifying them.


A bigger screen consumes more brightness and charging time, so its battery life better be powerful. Thankfully some tablets can run all the errands throughout the day and prove a loyal companion. 8 to 10 hours of continuous battery life is quite enough for screen time.


Make sure you buy your gadgets from a trusted website and brand with some worldwide recognition. This will give you the surety of quality and damage or repair coverage by the brand itself. If you are going to make an investment, it better go into the right hands.

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