Top 8 Best Tablet With DVD Player – DVD Tablet Combo

If you want to stay on budget and still are planning to buy a DVD player, you need the list of best tablets with a DVD player. All the users from the world love multifunction devices as it serves more on your plate by costing less. It will play not only all the player formats but also the file formats.

An average of 9 to 17 inches of screen size with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution is responsible for bright and clear pictures. IPS panel consists of the popping colors and vividness in the frames that are necessary for entertainment. Play your favorite games, work your day off or stream the web endlessly with these multifunctional tablets.

The temporary memory of the tablets inquires fast processing of the tasks with 2GB RAM at most. The storage capacity of the tablets should be vast enough to contain all the data in one device with a 32GB room. Usually, this category of tablets comes with 16GB of capacity, but it is upgradable through a Micro SD card.

A lot of media formats are supported by these devices, including MPEG, JPEG, JPD, MP3, etc., instead of Blu-ray. With so many options on the plate, it creates a lot of difference for the users to play. CD, DVD +R/RW, DVD, R/+R DVD+RW/-RW VCD, SVCD is the evidence of direct play.

Some of the tablets have dual operating systems for onboard viewing and other playback times. Mostly they come with the Android 9.0 version of OS for optimal options on the table. Quad-core, 1.3 GHz processor support, is worth the mention as it makes the usage trouble free.

Dual screen sync and headrest allow the tablets to be used inside the car with charging capability. 10 point touch screen, AB repetition, zoom subtitle, and dual stereo speakers are some of the additional features of these tablets.

List Of Top Rated Best Tablet With DVD Player

  1. DigiLand Portable (DL9003) DVD Player & Android 9.0 Wi-Fi Tablet
  2. SYLVANIA SLTDVD1023 10.1inch Quad Core Tablet
  3. FANGOR 10.1 Inch Portable DVD Player/Android WiFi Touch Screen Tablet
  4. WONNIE 17.9’’ Large Portable W-US-1589B
  5. DEYBON 12.5 inch One Android 9.0 Tablet
  6. MYDASH 10.1″ Dual Car DVD Player
  7. HDJUNTUNKOR Portable HDPDVD-01 DVD Player
  8. DDAUTO Android Headrest DVD Player for Car 1080P Tablet

1- DigiLand Portable (DL9003) DVD Player & Android 9.0 Wi-Fi Tablet

DigiLand Portable (DL9003) DVD Player & Android 9.0 Wi-Fi Tablet

DigiLand introduces a portable DVD player in its incredibly handy tablet that comes with the support of Android 9.0. Enjoy your favorite movies and wide entertainment on a 9 inches touchscreen. Assemble the tablet inside your car with easy and quick attachment.

A built-in desktop stand comes within the package to let the device stay in an appropriate position. Several applications are added to the system that is compatible with the usage. The tablet consists of several compatible disc formats to play with. It comes equipped with Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth connection for quick worldwide connectivity.

Let your fingers play on the screen without stopping and limiting their area of interest. Including a TFT LCD display, each detailing in a frame is popped out to give a better visual. Scenery and movie scenes become more interesting with this feature. The panel’s resolution involves a 1024 x 600 RGB resolution to make a vivid color spectrum visible.

Casual gaming, reading, web browsing, Parents, and movie watching are possible with its 16GB internal storage. You can expand the storage capacity up to 32 GB through the micro SD card put into the slot. The battery life of a device is important because it enables the usage of the device. 3600mAh battery longs up to 4 hours of rechargeable life, ideal for road trips and traveling.

The compact design and size of the product make it travel-friendly and portable so that it can fit anywhere. Connect multiple peripherals with OTG cable like a ABC mouse, keyboard, and other devices, etc.

2- SYLVANIA SLTDVD1023 10.1inch Quad Core Tablet

SYLVANIA SLTDVD1023 10.1inch Quad Core Tablet

A worthy product has been introduced in the digital market by Sylvania, which is a tablet for all activities. SLTDVD1023 becomes the home for entertainment for streaming and gaming due to the incredible features it comes with. On a 10.1 screen size, the Android 9 operating system works wonders on this device.

The built-in DVD player lets you play various DVD VCD CDs and MP3 discs compatible with your system. Inclusion of play games from the google store and media apps to stream your favorite videos is another plus point about this device. Power of the processor enables the speed and multi-tasking of the system with arm Cortex A53 CPU.

With 1.3GHz of processing speed, the tablet allows the user to enjoy high-speed task completion. Onboard 16GB storage consists of vast capacity to store your files and data in one place. Through a touch of a button, you get to open a new world of work and play for Wi-Fi compatibility.

After the worldwide networking facility, there comes a camera for attending group calls, classes, and business meetings on the go. There are 10 points on the screen, making it multi touch for different usages. Its IPS screen with 1024 x 600 resolution displays the colors bright and vivid.

The computer memory of this device is DDR3 SDRAM for following commands to the destined components. Average battery life allows the user to use the system without the interruption of charging it again and again. Travel friendly sizes and specs involve portable features. Dual speakers provide boosting sound quality with the utmost clarity in them.

3- FANGOR 10.1 Inch Portable DVD Player/Android WiFi Touch Screen Tablet

FANGOR 10.1 Inch Portable DVD PlayerAndroid WiFi Touch Screen Tablet

For supporting multi formats for different purposes Fangor tablet is ready for all the action. CD, DVD, +R, VCD CD-R, etc. are all the player formats that are suitable with this device, whereas file formats include MP3, MPG, VOB, MPEG, RMVB, JPG, TXT, etc. on a 10.1 inches widescreen displays the pictures with the clear quality of pixels on the LCD panel. The enhancing colors and can be seen more vividly by using the screen with a projector. Bluetooth connectivity allows the user to connect other devices with this tablet to expand its horizon. However, color accuracy is another point to ponder in a device like this.

A portable DVD player is installed in the system to let the fun begin with easy installation of discs. High resolution is provided for media watching, web browsing, working, and what not. In addition to this, 16GB internal storage allows the user to store and secure the users’ data in one place.

Upgradeable function serves the storage to range up to 32 GB with Micro SD card. There is a wide range of formats to play with your tablet through the DVD player. You can play movies, play sims 4 game, music, and other things while traveling in your car or carry it on a flight however you like.

As the Android 8.1 operating system is the home for using the tablet, Wi-Fi connectivity is enabled in this device. 1GB RAM is used as the temporary memory for giving commands to the system on a face pace.

4- WONNIE 17.9’’ Large Portable W-US-1589B

WONNIE 17.9’’ Large Portable W-US-1589B

Wonnie has won over the market by introducing a large yet portable tablet for users’ convenience. 17.9 inches of full-size screen with 15.6 inches wide from the inside has become the dream of every user worldwide. This tablet comes with a variety of features for the user to play with during the hours of need.

The TFT screen of LCD type is 270 degrees rotation and 180 degrees flipping screen for comfortable viewing angle. The screen should have a certain angle for perfection in the visual capacity of the display. Battery limit of the tablet consists of 5600mAh Li-polymer type. This way, you get to enjoy the device for more hours than usual.

Multimedia running on this tablet is wide with various disc formats, including DVD, CD, CD-R, -R/+R, DVD+RW, etc. Built-in USB, Thunderbolt 4, SD, and MMC ports are available for the ultimate connectivity of peripherals. This device is compatible with several file formats serving MP3, WMA, JPEG, VOB, etc., that support the maximum resolution.

Internal memory of the tablet consists of 32 GB upgraded storage to keep your files and data safe. Multiple sharing options are enabled through AV out and in cable to attach the device with a larger display. The powerful stereo speakers are responsible for supporting high quality audio and headphone jack to sustain it into the user’s ears.

The brand serves the buyer with a 12 month warranty to ensure quality assurance and 10 years of manufacturing experience by Wonnie. The tablet comes with a protective layer to make the machine anti-shock and break free material.

5- DEYBON 12.5 inch One Android 9.0 Tablet

DEYBON 12.5 inch One Android 9.0 Tablet

To make your life easier is possible with the Deybon 12.5 inches tablet that is packed with several useful features. Based on the Android 9.0 operating system, this device consists of 1080 pixel resolution. Creating lifelike and sturdy images in a crisp reality IPS panel is quite helpful.

Acting as a car monitor, the tablet supports a USB or micro SD card for extending the storage capacity up to 1TB. Synchronize different screens with HDMI in or out features that enable all the tablets to work in combination. Up to  4 screens can play simultaneously with phone mirroring applications.

Wi-Fi displays like Miracast or Airplay allow the user to share movies and media files through the phone into the screen. A personalized kid friendly display enables Amazon back set entertainment in the car, allowing cartoons and movies , games, and much more to play.

The support of 1080 or 4K resolution for playback video purposes is truly remarkable as it makes vivid pictures visible. An inclusion of 2GB DDR4 memory and 16GB built-in storage provides vast space for storing data and forwarding commands. 2W speakers serve the stereo quality audio to bless the ears with utmost clarity.

Bluetooth support and FM transmitter in the system are why you get to connect to other devices and other frequencies for radio. 7 different colors of ambient lights are seen to create a peaceful environment according to your mood. If you are looking for a headrest that also consists of high quality build, the brand serves 24 hour service.

6- MYDASH 10.1″ Dual Car DVD Player

MYDASH 10.1 Dual Car DVD Player

My dash provides a dual car DVD player screen for people of all ages. The screen legit comes in 10.1 inches portable size that is easy to carry in your bag. Car mountable feature supports in-car entertainment with dual-screen compatibility. Connect AV and DC cable for 2 screens to play the same content at the same time.

This upgraded version of a tablet with a DVD player consists of a long-life battery that operates endlessly. 5 hours playtime is the game of the day for the brand to introduce such a blasting product in the market. Its ability to support DVD+R, DVD+RW VCD, SVCD, etc., is remarkable.

All media files such as VOB, AVI, MPEG, MP3, etc., are playable on this device on an SD card or a maximum of 128GB storage. As an ideal companion for your love of traveling, the brand is determined to provide more features in its compact body. It comes with 2 extra headrest straps that are mountable to the seats.

This dual screen DVD player consists of a bracket that saves the trouble of keeping the comfortable view and lies flat on plain surfaces. The AV-out feature allows the player to sync with your TV screen at home for a better viewing experience. Resume play function allows the user to continue to watch from where he left.

There are other multiple options for the users to be easy with the device, such as slow motion playback, AB repetition, subtitle zoom, and much more. Made for dual screens for back seat car rides, it has made this device more fun. Moreover, built-in dual speakers give up to 20 volumes at best for crystal clear audio.

7- HDJUNTUNKOR Portable HDPDVD-01 DVD Player


If you are a frequent traveler, keep your technology with you, HDJUNTUNKOR portable DVD player has got your back. This tablet comes with 10.1 inches of compact display, yet it serves you with one of the best visuals. You get to enjoy your favorite movies, videos, and other media wherever you are.

A 1024 x 600 pixel resolution and swiveling screen also consists of 270 degrees rotation. This feature helps you find your sweet spot for the perfect view every time you look at the panel. The 180 degrees flip also supports the wide angle for more eyes to ponder this beauty.

Having an AC adapter in the package converts this device into a longer watch time, also known as a fun time. Thanks to 5 hours of continuous battery life that can also be charged inside the car. High quality screen adapts to the user’s requirement by offering a protection board and detailed images.

The tablet’s design is unique in its own way as it supports a DVD player with 2 operating systems. One works for daily usage, while the other is used for onboard visualization. There is also the headrest and car bag, which allows the hand free viewing experience.

A huge array of multimedia support is possible with this tablet, such as DVD+RW, +R/R, VCD, SVCD, CD, CD-R/RW, etc. A maximum of 32GB storage capacity is quite enough for you to put in some amazing movies and videos to watch. SD card storage support insists on upgrading the inbuilt capacity for files.

8- DDAUTO Android Headrest DVD Player for Car 1080P Tablet

DDAUTO Android Headrest DVD Player for Car 1080P Tablet

Connect to the online world with a Ddauto tablet that is loaded with various features. First and foremost, the screen comes in 10.1 inches size with an IPS panel to bring out the best in each frame. Colors and tones of the images pop out to their best versions of pictures.

The support of 1366 RGB pixel resolution serves the LCD screen with brightness and vibrant color scheme. Its DVD player efficiently functions to provide media file playing on the go. Connect with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to play your favorite videos or browse through the web to find what you are looking for.

By syncing your device with phone mirroring and HDMI out cable, you get to play 2 screens at the same time having the same content. This feature might not be available in DVD mode, but it is compatible with Airplay and Miracast. Attach the car DVD play with your TV for a better view.

It also comes with a headrest mounting system that fits most of the sizes. This feature enables tablet usage in the car with easy installation capability. A 12V adapter comes with the package for more comprehensive battery usage and charging. Consisting of a 60 day warranty also builds trust for the user.

As the 4500mAh battery is quite sufficient for daily usage, it is also rechargeable with a cigarette lighter inside the car. This happens to be the innovation the brand has brought to the market, so you never miss your favorite videos. Compact size allows the user to take the tablet anywhere you go.

Buying guide

Being a DVD fan, you want a device that supports your passion for high resolution and portable features. Several brands in the market introduce the users to tablets that support DVD players and different file formats. On the contrary, there are other features to look into before buying one of them.


The display of a tablet is the most important feature as it portrays the quality of the images. No matter how incredible the video is made, if the screen is not of the appropriate size and quality, all the efforts are in vain. There are all screen sizes from 10 to 17 inches with IPS panel type for bringing out the best in colors.

Further, you can look into the pixel resolution for a better viewing experience as there are 1080p, 1024 x 600, and 4K resolutions depending on their pricing. Wide viewing angles consist of flipping and rotating screens to find the sweet spot.


To use the device for more than usual hours, a 5000mAh battery must be on the tablet. This way, it will cover almost 5 hours of continuous usage without you worrying about charging it again and again. On the other hand, make sure the AC adapter that comes in the package can charge the device inside the car.


Maximum 1TB of storage is way too much for an average user if you want to increase the capacity. Normally these tablets consist of 16 to 32GB average storage sufficient to contain all your favorite movies. 


Android 9 and 10 are made as to the system’s home operating system for getting the latest updates and details about the device. Moreover, there are more options for customization and settings in the latest OS.


Screen mirroring is a great option for playing dual screens with the same content type. Such sync is necessary if more than 1 user uses the tablet or in the back seat of the car.

Additional features:

Many tablets come with headrests and bag pouches that are easy to install with their mounting quality. Dual stereo speakers allow the boosting sound quality to reach your ears with clarity. Wi-Fi connectivity enables browsing on applications like youtube, Netflix, and much more with a single touch.

A device needs to be portable enough to carry it around with your everyday backpack easily. Travel-friendly devices are the best buddies from users all around the world. Touchscreen with 10 points makes it easy to multitask or play games.4-

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