Top 7 Best Tablets For 3D modeling

The world of technology is becoming compact over time. To compensate for the need for large computers to make complex models, the best tablets for 3D modeling are introduced. An aspiring graphic designer or expert turns their heads to this category of tablets as easy to use.

There are different screen sizes in this category of tablets ranging from 10 to 16 inches precisely. Many users prefer compact sizes in tablets as they are portable and easy to carry. Moreover, they can be attached to other devices if they want to increase the screen space.

A display is something that should be the best in devices like these, so well known brands include HD panels. The precision you get from high definition screens consists of 1080 pixel resolution. All the colors and graphics pop out of the screen to help the user make a masterpiece.

It is best to have the system contain built-in storage that can be as high as 256Gb, but some are not standalone. Worry not, as they can be connected to other laptops and computers serving as a drawing tablet. Making sure the other devices have the latest operating systems, thanks to these tablets that support them.

A blessing is to have a lightweight tablet, thin in its style, and easy to plug via USB type A or HDMI adapter. In addition to this, the stylus pens coming with these tablets feel like a real pencil giving a natural feel to the user. It is convenient for the user to choose a pen that does not operate on batteries, extending its usage time.

List Of Top Rated Best Tablets For 3D modeling 2021

  1. XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch FHD Drawing Monitor
  2. XP-PEN StarG640 6×4 Inch Ultrathin Tablet Drawing Tablet
  3. Wacom DTK1660K0A Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet
  4. Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet
  5. Wacom DTC133W0A One Digital Drawing Tablet
  6. Microsoft KJU-00001 Surface Pro 6 
  7. GAOMON PD1560 15.6 Inches 8192 Levels Pen Display

1- XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch FHD Drawing Monitor

XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch FHD Drawing Monitor

To build an artist’s world is a job only a true artist can do which is why XP-pen has something to offer. This tablet, also called artisit12, comes in 11.6 inches of screen size. Simplify your work with a handy screen that fits your needs as you prefer with the option of customization.

Even if this tablet is not a standalone product, it must be connected to a computer to work. Yet, it provides many useful features for your creative side to flourish. It is compatible with Windows 7 and above operating systems, on the other hand, Mac 10.10 and later versions.

For working perfectly with applications like photoshop, illustrator, SAI, a digital drawing app, and 3D sculpting, this tablet needs to be installed with an XP-Pen driver. With an HD display, 1080p resolution portrays the true colors and vivid imagery. An anti-reflective screen is helpful in stunning image quality and is soft on the eyes.

The drawing pen that comes with this Drawing tablet is battery-free, meaning you can sketch, draw, color, or paint endlessly. A pencil-like feel enables the easy usage of the gadget and consists of an eraser at its back. It is non-slip and is made in a hexagonal design for high efficiency.

Not only can this graphics tablet be used for drawing, but it serves multiple purposes. Being compatible with XSplit, Microsoft suite, Zoom, Twitch, etc., enjoy much more than drawing. On top of that, this screen consists of a one year warranty for quality assurance.

2- XP-PEN StarG640 6×4 Inch Ultrathin Tablet Drawing Tablet

XP-PEN StarG640 6x4 Inch Ultrathin Tablet Drawing Tablet

XP-Pen StarG640 makes its place in the market to dazzle the users with its mind-blowing features. With a 2mm thin body and compact design, it is easy to carry the tablet wherever you go. On a 6×4 inches active screen, the size is fit for drawing, online teaching, or web browsing . A natural drawing experience is possible with a good battery-free pen that functions as an original pencil with an eraser.

This tablet supports Mac 10.10, windows 10 chrome, and Linux latest versions for all rounding compatibility with several operating systems. You have to connect this tablet with a laptop or computer to enable all the benefits from it. Easy plug and play type makes e-learning fun and creative.

The compatibility of this tablet with Microsoft apps helps in an easy visual and written representation in editing mode. A smooth and intuitive graphics enables an interactive session while building the user’s interest in their craft. An ideal creative partner for beginners, this tablet includes the latest technology for you to learn and grow. For natural editing of your photos and videos editing , that process works on like a traditional mouse speed, so your workflow is not disrupted.

To avoid conflict, the user needs to attach an adapter or USB A port with your tablet and laptop. Remove all other drivers for the system to work perfectly with the portable editor. Start working on your latest creation with photoshop, illustrator, 2 clip studio, after effect, paint, etc., and get paid for your talents with the help of this tablet. Set up the XP-Pen in tablet settings on your laptop or computer to use it according to your style and will.

3- Wacom DTK1660K0A Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet

Wacom DTK1660K0A Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet

Wacom Cintiq 16 tablet comes with a screen making this device a stand alone gadget, for that matter. The 15.6 HD screen consists of a 1080p resolution redefining the meaning of clarity. To enable precision in each frame, this resolution comes in handy for the vivid display.

An anti glare panel and scratch resistant surface make this tablet very sturdy in its performance. No distraction is possible with such a uniquely designed screen involving amazing creations. Get to see vibrancy in each tone and shade with 16.7 million colors through high definition display.

Moreover, the battery-free pen lets you work endlessly for many hours without the worry of draining. Unleash the creative mojo that is hidden in you with Wacom’s support of intelligent devices like this one. For your tablet to work more efficiently, connect the screen through an HDMI cable with your laptop or computer.

The easy plug and play type connectivity allows more screen space and unlocks millions of other options. It is important to note the compatibility sources as this tablet supports the latest versions of all operating systems. The body also comes with a folding leg stand for a comfortable view adjusting your sweet spot.

Wacom installs a precise feature into its Pro pen 2 that consists of 8192 pressure levels of sensitivity. A low activation force also recognizes the tilt of your hand movement quickly. All this is possible with electro magnetic resonance technology enhancing your workflow.

4- Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet

Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 Graphics Drawing Tablet

For polishing your inner artist, Huion Kamvas Pro 16 graphics tablet slides into the market. The screen of this tablet is fully laminated with anti-glare glass to avoid distractions and reflection while operating. It also helps in reducing parallax to the lowest level resulting in an accurate stylus function.

To get a natural feel of a pen and paper, the brand has included a stylus pen that does not operate on a battery. This feature enables the pen to work endlessly for hours, and precise results can be obtained. For different pressure levels, this tablet is loaded with 8192 levels to enhance the pen performance.

A touch bar is present with 6 keys for different functions like page scrolling, canvas size adjustment, and brush management. These keys can also be set according to your preference. Being a device that weighs only 1.2 kg and 11.5mm thickness, it serves the user with a whole system presence.

To get the most out of this device is by using it with different applications like PowerPoint, OneNote PDF, etc. It not only creates incredible illustrations and 3D models, but you can also attend your meetings, read books, and much more on this tablet. Moreover, the 1000:1 contrast ratio displays the color gamut as realistic as seen from the naked eyes.

For optimal usage, Kamvas pro 16 supports Mac 10.11 and windows 11 operating systems. The latest versions of these OS are also applicable to let you seek new advantages and upgrades. Coming with an adjustable stand lets you set your comfort view.

5- Wacom DTC133W0A One Digital Drawing Tablet

Wacom DTC133W0A One Digital Drawing Tablet

Let your imagination flow with Wacom one digital drawing tablet that displays the full color spectrum. The panel is responsible for the purpose of portraying realistic images on a 13.3 inches screen size. An extended display consists of natural friction, and such a surface lets you be intuitive with your creations.

With the help of the web conference, you get to convey your ideas and documents by making this device as your extended display option. Further, it comes with a pen that feels really like a pencil without battery intended function. Use the stylus as much as you want and for many hours.

There is digital freedom to your working and direct paint or sketch screen with a full range of colors. For illustrating your diagrams, graphs, sketches, and much more, this tablet comes in handy. To purchase creative software like Bamboo paper pro, clip studio paint, etc., is helpful to expand the canvas options.

The brand serves 3 month trials of Edtech and 6 months license for adobe illustrator and lightroom etc., with the connection of Mac, PC, or Android devices; you can allow yourself to work in precise detailing by increasing your screen space. Its HD screen allows more content to portray sleek detailing into the illustrations for better results.

6- Microsoft KJU-00001 Surface Pro 6 

Microsoft KJU-00001 Surface Pro 6

Microsoft surface pro 6 is a standalone device that can adapt to the ways of its user. The Intel Core i7 processor has more power to satisfy your creative hunger in multiple ways. The design alone of this device is pleasing enough to let the users choose this over any other model.

Ultra slim and lightweight facility allows the user to take it with you on your travel trips. It easily fits into your bag or luggage without increasing the total weight of your belongings. Pair this beauty with a keyboard and stylus pen to expand the horizon of the device.

To convert it into a laptop, its 12.3 inches compact screen helps let the system’s versatility. Engage in brainstorming sessions with your tablet after pairing a stylus pen of the same brand with it to increase the workflow. Furthermore, you get to have 13 hours of video playback time, ensuring that this machine is multipurpose.

For attending your meetings, online classes, or gossiping endlessly with your peers, a 5.0Mp front facing camera is at your service. Its high definition video quality is exposed through skype with 8.0Mp rear facing camera in 1080p video quality. Being rich in its representation of colors, the 3:2 aspect ratio is the key.

With more achievements coming your way, Windows compatibility makes the work easier. Cortana Intelligence and signing in into your Office 365 suit increases your productivity.

7- GAOMON PD1560 15.6 Inches 8192 Levels Pen Display

GAOMON PD1560 15.6 Inches 8192 Levels Pen Display

For teaching online or attending work meetings in hostile situations like the pandemic, Gaomon PD1560 is at your service. A 15.6 inches wide screen consists of 8192 levels of pressure for pens. Having an arm stand enables the user to set up a comfortable view for working longer hours.

Increase your productivity through an IPS panel that serves 1080 pixel resolution. Such high definition image quality allows precision in the creative illustrations and makes your work stand unique. After the sensitivity for the pen on the screen, there are 10 key shortcuts for better control of the tablet.

The brand includes a pen that charges in 2.5 hours maximum and works endlessly for 350 hours. Thanks to the IPS panel type that involves 178 degrees wide viewing angles and perfection in the color gamuts. By dragging the switch, adjusting the angle of the pen display is another perk of this tablet.

Digital art is on your way to let the creative mojo burst into action with the support of photoshop, illustrator, Pant tool, clip studio paint, sketchbook pro, etc. Professionals use these tools and applications for drawing manga, comics, anime sketches, cartoons, and interesting pictures.

For connecting this tablet with other devices, you need to get an HDMI adapter or port with cable. Enabling the connection for extending your horizons is no doubt a smart choice in this era of technology.

Buying guide

Many graphic designers, digital content makers, videographers, photographers, and media persons look for smart devices like tablets. These devices not only help in 3D modeling as it has been the new trend on social media, but they also serve various purposes. So the buyer needs to consider all the features before deciding to buy a tablet.


A screen is pretty much all you see on a tablet which is why it has to be no less than incredible. It comes in different sizes from 10 to 16 inches maximum in this pricing. Some users like the portability of these devices to travel around with them. Others like to have a spacious screen to work comfortably.

The IPS panel is one of the best displays for digital media as it has better color contrasts and wide view angles of 178 degrees. A pixel resolution of 1080 is another plus point to the spec sheet of these tablets as they bring out the detailing in an image. There is also the inclusion of 8192 pressure points for the pen for precise working.


An addition of a stylus pen is evidence of the advancement of technology. Some of them are battery operated that need charging, while others are free from this worry. Usually, a pen should charge in 2 to 3 hours maximum to work for almost 350 hours at their best.


For attaching your tablets with other devices, you need to have a USB type A or HDMI ports on both machines. Bluetooth connectivity is another way to attach them, but wired connections are more solid.


A tablet should have its own storage for up to 1TB, but if you are going for a mid-range device, you can upgrade it to 256GB. The good point about this feature is that you can store all your data on the same device and can send it directly to anywhere you want.


The support of the latest operating systems such as Mac 10.10 and Windows 7 and above makes these tablets future proof. This means you can get upgrades and the latest technology features right away into your display.

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