Best Tablets For Video Editing (Cheap, 4K, Wacom)

If you’re in the market for a new tablet, we recommend considering what your priorities are. If video editing is your main concern, then one of these tablets may be just what you need.  This section will go over the advantages and disadvantages of some of the best tablets for video editing.  

Positively, this will assist you in making a more knowledgeable decision on which equipment to purchase! Have you ever tried to edit a video on your laptop or desktop? It can be hard to get the right perspective, and turning off your computer screen every time would only cause more problems. 

What if there was an easier way? It is possible to have all of the tools necessary for editing videos at your fingertips with ease with tablets. This buying guide will explore what makes these devices so great for this type of work and how they rank among other options out there. 

There are six different types that we’ll discuss in detail below, including their benefits and drawbacks. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll find one that’s perfect for you! 

If you’re in the market for a new tablet, then we recommend taking into consideration what your priorities are. If video editing is your main concern, then one of these tablets may be just what you need. We have multiple exciting suggestions for you to select:

List Of Top Rated Best Tablets For Video Editing

  1. Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi
  3. Introducing Fire HD 10 Plus tablet
  4. Microsoft Surface Go
  5. ASUS Chromebook Flip C433 2 in 1 Laptop
  6. Apple iPad Mini

1- Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Do more, watch videos with brilliant images on a 12.9 inches display that features ProMotion technology and P3 wide color coverage. Utilize the camera system for immersive augmented reality, including Wide lens, Center Stage, laser scanner. 

Connect to fast wireless internet with ultra-fast Wi‑Fi or through your Thunderbolt port that can connect to displays and docks as well as external storage devices. 

With all of these features working together, this is one of the most powerful iPads ever made by Apple leading into 2020! The Apple M1 chip delivers a next-level performance so you can enjoy blazing fast apps and maximum productivity for your business. 

With its innovative superset of cameras, Pencil support, True Tone display, fingerprint scanner, Face ID technology, Thunderbolt port to connect to external displays or storage devices without needing a separate adapter cord, Siri voice assistant capability including dictation hands free voice commands for iOS functions on your device. 

To save you from the hassle of traveling, the Apple iPad Pro has a Liquid Retina display and an M1 chip to give this multifaceted device unrivaled processing power. 

It’s got True Tone that allows the screen to respond to your specific light preference, and it will charge quickly with a Lightning cable or wirelessly using one of these awesome wireless chargers! 

Casing in space gray brings sleek style while protecting sensitive information on your device–perfect for students navigating their way through this digital world!

2- Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi

When you’re briefed on a project and need to make changes or come up with new ideas, it’s always easiest when you have the right tools at your disposal. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is optimized for creative professionals who want powerful performance in a lightweight tablet experience; enjoy good design and perfect good connectivity even where Wi-Fi may be unavailable. 

Powered by an Octa-Core Processor, this tab packs plenty of power to run graphic intensive apps like Adobe Illustrator CC, architectural visualization software such as 3DS Max 18, and massive multi-layer Photoshop files without lag time; this tab was designed to deliver PC performance anywhere there isn’t a desk. 

And since we know creativity can pop up anywhere, the Multi Window feature lets you open two different applications. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is ready for all the entertainment your Wi-Fi will allow. Get console gaming wherever there’s a Wi-Fi connection with this bright, immersive screen and Bluetooth-enabled controller. 

It seems like you’re always charging up too, but that can happen faster than ever before thanks to its USB 3.0 port, which doesn’t need any other adapters or cables actually to work! 

The dual back camera captures top-quality pics in wide 13MP and ultra-wide 5MP so you can show off what you’ve seen on your travels or create professional-grade shots of anything – indoors or out! 

And try not to mention its high resolution 8MP front-facing because selfies are guaranteed never to look better. With ample storage, you can use this tablet for video editing by installing multiple apps. A perfect go-to device for a videographer!

3- Introducing Fire HD 10 Plus tablet

Introducing Fire HD 10 Plus tablet

Introduces Fire HD 10 Plus, a more versatile tablet for work and play. This new version of the Fire is equipped with up-to-date features that you want in your electronics: wireless charging, 4 GB RAM, which makes it faster than ever before, 12 hours of battery life so you can use it on long commutes without worry, and a beautiful 1080 pixels screen. 

But what sets this product isolated from others? This slate is preloaded with all of the amazing qualities of Fire HD 10 plus four very special extras. 

With all the upgrades and new features this year, we’re confident that you’ll love your 2018-edition Fire HD 10 tablet! It’s perfect for binge watching Netflix or surfing social media sites like Facebook and Instagram on a crisp 1080p Full HD display. 

With Google Play not supported on our devices, you can get all of your apps. Introducing the Fire HD 10 Plus tablet. With blazing speeds and great-looking design, you’ll feel like it’s Christmas every day. This is what fast feels like. 

The latest in fire technology, this premium Tablet has  2 GB of RAM to run your favorite apps smoothly, power packed with an 8th generation Quad Core 2.5GHZ Processor, 32 GB of storage to fit all your gaming needs, including Android games for easy accessibility when you want them most! And if that wasn’t enough? 

You also get 12 hours of battery life to enjoy every app without worry! The dimensions of this product are 9.73 x 6.53 x 0.36 inches, and it weighs around 16.5 ounces.

4- Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go

Meet the lightest Surface yet. Designed to do the things you want, it features a high res 10 inches PixelSense Display optimized for touch and writing, starting at just 1.15 pounds and with up to 9 hours of unplugged power. 

Why use our Intel Pentium Gold? It never stops listening: Cortana awaits your commands and is always getting smarter. Unlike other laptops, Cortana can provide reminders and alerts without any prodding from you—and those moments when she needs your help are simple to take care of as well. 

The Windows 10 in S mode will work on this device, too, making it perfect for school or running errands around town daily. Plus, Microsoft verified security protects against viruses as soon as they’re released online.  

The size of the screen was made to be used as both a touch device and to consume digital content such as word documents, spreadsheets, keynote presentations, and videos without having any trouble viewing them in its decade. Microsoft Surface Go is the best of all worlds. It’s our lightest, most powerful Surface ever. 

You can count on reliable performance for day-to-day work, play with Office, web browsing, stream your favorite episode, or entertain yourself on vacation. 

Sleek and slim design gives you endless entertainment possibilities, whether watching videos or playing games, with a touch screen that not only responds well but looks amazing as well! 

Surface Go is powerful and compact with a full-sized keyboard that magnetically snaps on for when you need it. Pair it with the Surface Pen and Microsoft Office 365, so you can write or draw naturally, then use the built-in kickstand to position your device at just the right angle.

5- ASUS Chromebook Flip C433 2 in 1 Laptop

ASUS Chromebook Flip C433 2 in 1 Laptop

The ASUS Flip is a modern offering combining a 14-inch touch display, Intel Core processor, and 8 GB of RAM with the ability to be used as a laptop, stand, tent, or tablet. The 2 in 1 offers flexibility for mobile lifestyles. 

When mobility is not your concern, the ASUS flips into Stand mode so you can work with visuals like webpages and spreadsheets at full screen on an ergonomic type keyboard. 

The convenience factor here goes well beyond usability: it has a battery life that lasts up to 10 hours; both USB Type-C ports (Gen1) support charging up to two 4K monitors or external hard drives simultaneously; fingerprint sensor password storage allows login via single touch. 

The battery life is up to 12 hours with light usage or 15 hours on standby mode, letting you use it as long as you need without worrying about draining power, making it ideal for anyone who does business travel. 

Plus, its Full HD Display with 4-way NanoEdge display fits into a smaller screen size like most laptops with 13-inch screens giving more detail on the larger text and sharper. 

The ASUS Chromebook Flip C430 is a dependable device that makes doing homework – and just about everything else – easy. With an ultra-wide HD display, it’s ready for video chatting with family and friends, playing games, scrolling through the web pages you need to finish your paper on time. 

And if you need to acquire hands-on Android applications or school work? No problem: flip around the keyboard and use the screen as a tablet. It’s strong, long-lasting, and excellent for any student searching for mobility on their laptop.

6- Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

The iPad Mini takes full advantage of an improved 7.9 inches Retina Display with True Tone and wide color display to make every thing you watch or do more immersive. With an A12 Bionic chip that delivers incredible performance, the new tablet is up for anything you could want to throw at it on your busy day. 

Touch ID makes signing into everything from apps to emails secure and intuitive, while the 8 MP back camera works just as well in low light situations as it does under the sun, so you can capture shots when it’s dark outside after work; no; matter where! 

Plus, dual stereo speakers deliver loud sound for watching movies or catching hot concerts on tour when they stop somewhere nearby. The A12 Bionic chip has the power to run multiple apps at once without slowing down time after time, and there’s up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, making it easy to work through an entire morning or evening before plugging in again. 

The iPadOS 14 brings new capabilities designed specifically for iPad, including Home; Dark Mode; multitasking tools like Split View; support for the Apple Pencil (1st Generation); Notes Clips app features like drawing with Apple Pencil directly on the screen. 

Download everything from games to schoolwork, do some quick Internet browsing, share moments on FaceTime, and even play music during workouts with up to 9 hours of battery life.

Best Tablets For Video Editing Buying Guide:

Tablets are a lifesaver for creative professionals who need to get their jobs done. They provide the power and portability of laptops without all those pesky cords, making them perfect in any professional setting! 

In addition, they’re great when you want high-quality photos or videos on the on-the-go because tablets also come equipped with GF imaging technology which makes digital photography easier than ever before. Here we have some of the more basic know-how about tablets:

Operating System:

The operating system of your tablet can make a big difference when you are looking for one. You have three options available: macOS, Windows, and Android. 

Each has its own pros and cons, but choosing an unfamiliar platform such as Tintosh or ChromeOS may limit what kinds of apps work on it if any, because they don’t offer support from major developers as Apple does with iOS out-of-the box. So the best solution is that you must select the one that fits according to your pocket. 

Screen Size:

There are a wide variety of tablets out there with screens ranging from 5 inches up to 18 inches. Of course, having the right size matters if you plan on editing photos or videos, but choosing one that’s too big can be cumbersome and not very portable if your job requires more flexibility in either hand than just one arm-sized tablet. Has got it!


Are you looking for an editing tablet? If so, then it’s important that the device can display your work in high resolution. You want to have a Tablet with at least 1000 LPI Resolution since this will ensure that when viewing on 4K monitors or any other type of Display, having higher Line Pounds Per Inch (Lp/I) makes images much clearer better quality.

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