Best Toshiba Gaming Laptops

To have a high end gaming laptop for your polished skills is a dream of every user. You are in luck because the best Toshiba gaming laptops are in town. They are not only efficient but come with decent screen size. The panel measures 15.6 inches with a 1080p resolution.

With high definition frames, no detail will be missed by you. Whether you tend to play games, watch movies, or just do your homework, programming and coding these are multipurpose laptops. The reason is their feature list that offers more than just one purpose. The support of Intel core i5 and i7 CPUs is a must to talk about.

With the latest operating system on the go, Windows 10 is ready to get any future upgrade. The CPU requires the faster processing of each command with turbo boost technology. For the best speed, it can run at 4.8GHz which is pretty remarkable. The mobility of a smartphone and spec sheet of a high end laptop is a dual benefit for the user.

If dual or quad cores were not enough, you should lay your eyes on the DDR4 memory. The most memory space you get is 32GB that is vast enough to contain the temporary commands. The more space you have in this section, the more data you can save for the action. On the other hand, 2TB hard or solid state drives are also present.

Running out of space or removing previously stored data will never be a problem. The quick and fast drives are installed in these next generation laptops. Moreover, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 connections enable a wireless connection. For more vast connections, USB 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, HDMI, VGA, and Ethernet LAN are put onto the chassis.

List Of Top Rated Best Toshiba Gaming Laptops

  1. Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A50-F 15.6″Business Laptop
  2. Toshiba Tecra A50-E 15.6″ Business Notebook Computer
  3. Dynabook Toshiba Tecra A50 15.6″ Business Laptop Computer
  4. Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A50-F Home & Business Laptop
  5. 2021 Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A50-J 15.6″ Business Laptop Computer
  6. Toshiba Satellite L55-C5272 Laptop Notebook

1- Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A50-F 15.6″Business Laptop

Dynabook Toshiba Tecra A50 15.6 Business Laptop Computer

Gaming requires more core power and the latest feature list. Any laptop that serves you this makes itself eligible for the race. Toshiba Dynabook Tecra is one of those laptops for its A50-F model. With a 15.6 inches screen, a full high definition panel is waiting for you.

To improve the storage options, there is a 1 year warranty for the SSD RAM. Other than that, it consists of 16GB DDR4 RAM onboard. This gaming laptop has a slim design to fit anywhere. You can achieve power and dominance over your tasks with Intel Core i7.  Step up your networking game with Wi-Fi 6 technology.

It serves a brilliant connection even in dense wireless places. To enjoy crisp and clear audio or video, the ultra bright display is at your service. Save as many commands as you can on its ultra fast memory. On the other hand, 512GB of M.2 SATA SSD is known to be the fastest of all.

A clear indication of limitless storage is provided with this feature. You can keep all the files unified and on one device. The processor operates upon 1.8GHz base clock and 4.6GHz boost clock speed. Having an L3 cache is another blessing that comes with an 8MB size. Moreover, Intel supports UHD 620 graphics for enjoying multimedia content.

Weighing not more than 4.85lb, you also get Bluetooth 5 connectivity. The keyboard is spillproof and in US English layout design. A webcam and trutalk dual microphones are a decent addition to its chassis. Attend business meetings or chat with your friends on the go. The revolutionary ports include USB 3.2 Type A, HDMI, thunderbolt 4, VGA port, and RJ-45.

2- Toshiba Tecra A50-E 15.6″ Business Notebook Computer

Toshiba Tecra A50-E 15.6 Business Notebook Computer

The Toshiba Tecra A50-E is a laptop that offers the perfect balance of power and portability. Coming out on a 15.6 inches screen makes a vivid display visible. Enjoy your favorite movies on a bright and clear screen. It has an Intel Core i7 processor of the 8th generation. A boost clock speed is served at 4.80GHz speed.

Further, an 8GB DDR4 RAM consists of 2400MHz speed. To save your information on this device, you get an M.2 256GB SSD drive. With Windows 10 Pro 64 bit preinstalled, this Toshiba laptop delivers all. You can create presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for Business or write reports in Word 2016 for Business.

This laptop comes with DVD/CD playback capability.  For an improved experience, it offers Dolby Home Theater audio enhancement technology. Tecra A50-E by Toshiba is perfect for any sleek professional. The coolest thing about this laptop is the full HD 1080p LED backlight display.

For bringing your design work to life, this resolution comes in handy. With crisp vibrancy higher than HD resolution allows, Toshiba makes even gaming more fun than ever. This bad boy has Intel HD 620 graphics. Do not let your enemies run away or hide. This integrated GPU can improve the overall view of the screen.

You are getting a ton of power in a compact package so that you can multitask like crazy. The 802.11ac Wi-Fi implies fast networking in the blink of an eye. Imagine having available all the processing power of a high end laptop with smartphone mobility. Weighing just 2.2 pounds and measuring, the new Tecra A50 is also portable.

The addition of USB 3.0, 2.0, and HDMI port plus VGA and headphone jack allows more connectivity. An HD webcam improves your productivity level with a digital microphone attached.

3- Dynabook Toshiba Tecra A50 15.6″ Business Laptop Computer

Dynabook Toshiba Tecra A50 15.6 Business Laptop Computer

We all know that technology is changing the world. The average person spends hours on their computer browsing for information or entertainment. Every single one of these devices requires a battery to operate. This can be inconvenient when you are not near an outlet.

Dynabook Toshiba Tecra A50 is a non touch laptop with an Intel processor. The latest Windows 10 operating system will do the magic. On a screen size of 15.6 inches, visualize the world in one glance. Featuring a Full HD display pinches out the tiny details due to its 1080p resolution.

The Toshiba Tecra A50 is designed for people who need to work from remote locations. It features the Intel Celeron Processor 4205U. This CPU provides plenty of processing power for multiple purposes. To run the dynamics of this system, it operates on a dual core, 2M cache. The base speed starts from 1.8 GHz 

Above that, Intel UHD graphics 610 improves the visual quality to a great extent. Toshiba Tecra A50 consists of 16GB of DDR4 RAM. To store large amounts of commands, tasks, and data temporarily, this memory is quite enough. There is the quick responsiveness of the system, which is possible with this memory interface.

Having 1TB SSD storage allows you to have more content saved on your laptop. It also includes a USB 3.2 Type-C port for fast charging and speedy data transfer speed. Plus, HDMI 1.4a video output can be used for connecting to external displays or projectors. Micro SD card reader and Rj-45 can also be seen on the chassis.

This laptop allows anyone who needs to be away from their desk. To get all the tasks done without any problems, Toshiba serves well. The HD LED Display offers crisp images with Intel Wi-Fi 6 networking. Users can attend video conferencing or web browsing just as they would in front of their computer screen.

4- Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A50-F Home & Business Laptop

Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A50-F 15.6Business Laptop

The Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A50-F aims to be the best in its class. It consists of a 15.6 inch display with high end 1080p resolution. For seeing realistic images through a screen, the Intel Celeron 4205U processor comes in handy. With this CPU, not only gaming but everyday tasks become easier.

A 16 GB DDR4 RAM comes with SODIMM slots. For a faster and responsive system, this was a necessary step by Toshiba. It allows you to multitask without a single glitch. There is the 610 integrated graphic card present. If you are a gaming fan, you do not have to get a separate graphics card.

Long battery life uplifts your mood to be productive for a longer time. You can work for as long as you need to without worrying about finding an outlet. Forgot your charger at home? You got lucky as this laptop can last a fight.

It also features an anti glare screen coating that will help reduce glare from any light source. With Wi-Fi 6 AX200, high speed networking becomes possible. The addition of Bluetooth, Ethernet LAN, and integrated webcam sets you well for the meeting.  With the brand new Dynabook Tecra A50-F, now you can do it all.

You will have plenty of power for multitasking on heavy duty tasks. Like video editing and 3D rendering, it will be no pain, only a gain situation. 

Keep enormous space to save your photos, documents, movies, and other files. Thanks to 1TB SSD for easy and quick access to the epitome of data storage.

5- 2021 Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A50-J 15.6″ Business Laptop Computer

2021 Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A50-J 15.6 Business Laptop Computer

Do you need a PC that is both powerful and affordable? The Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A50-J is the device for you. Weighing only 2.8 pounds, this powerhouse has cutting edge technology. Experience a wide and bright screen of 15.6 inches for reading, watching movies, and much more.

The high definition screen comes with a non touch surface. Get the best of each frame through Intel Iris Xe graphics. This addition keeps getting the pictures better than before. From its Intel Core i7 processor, this device runs at 4.7GHz speed at best. Having 4 cores and 12MB cache makes multitasking even better and faster.

To its 32GB of RAM, DDR4 support keeps the memory refreshed and ready for action. It also consists of 3200 MHz speed, big enough to draw the attention of the user. Having 2TB solid state drive M.2 PCIe NVMe support is necessary for quick access to the inventory.

Toshiba has made its priority clear for every user with this laptop. It has increased almost every feature to its best position to give the best of everything. To stay productive without breaking the bank is now possible with this brand. This is a perfect purchase for browsing the internet or accessing your favorite apps with lightning fast speeds.

The latest Toshiba Dynabook Tecra A50-J comes with a 1 year warranty. Experience superior color quality on its LED Backlight Display Technology. This unique design features an aluminum casing that resists damage due to scratches and bumps. This laptop offers endless possibilities as well as quick boot times.

In comparison to legacy chipsets, you can enjoy playing sims 4 games without having those pesky loading screens interrupting your focus. Class up your workstation with the Toshiba A50-J. Its 720 webcam and dual microphones are ready for meetings, classes, and any remote work.

Moreover, it supports Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5, and several USB ports. For wireless connectivity and networking, you get USB 3.2, HDMI, VGA, SD card reader, and RJ-45.

6- Toshiba Satellite L55-C5272 Laptop Notebook

Toshiba Satellite L55-C5272 Laptop Notebook

Weighing only 4 pounds, Toshiba Satellite has made its place among gaming arenas. This laptop, more like a notebook, comes in a sleek design. The 15.6 inch display is much to talk about. Get your eyes to be awe inspired by the panel quality that supports the high definition images.

As Windows 10 becomes the home operating system of this laptop, you are more likely to get future updates. To handle multiple tasks at the same time, you get the support of the Intel core i5 processor. Play your favorite games or handle critical applications at your fingertips.

In addition, 8GB DDR3L RAM support increases the memory speed. Running at 1600MHz, you ought to give commands fastly. The temporary carry your commands to the desired components and functions. On top of that, your 1TB hard disk drive is all the space you need to keep your data safe.

It runs at the speed of 5400 RPM, keeping your booting system active and kicking. All your files and information are unified in one place in the hard disk drive. There is also the support of DVD super multi drive. It comes with 11 formats for you to play with. The Bluetooth and 802.11 Wi-Fi allows wireless connectivity.

Buying guide

Getting a laptop might seem an easy task if you know your usage well. But if you are not focused on using it for one purpose, you better understand the basic and important features. A laptop offers many specifications to go about for various users. To understand each function will help in making the right decision. 


The screen size and type in the laptop matters to a great extent. Having 15 inches of screen is decent and portable enough. There is the inclusion of the resolution for 1080p. This feature helps in building the image quality to a higher stature. No details will go amiss from the naked eye through the high definition pixel resolution.


The support of Intel core i5 or i7 provides you enough processing power. These are used for making everyday tasks like gaming or browsing interruption free. If you want to run heavy applications or graphic intensive work like gaming, these are the options to go for.


Intel iris Xe or Intel Celeron 610 graphics increase the frame rates and picture quality. If your laptop consists of an integrated GPU in its system, you have nothing to worry about. It helps you to improve the overall function and get smooth and detailed. 


Having more ports means more chances to get the device paired with other devices. These ports include HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.2 type A, C, USB 3.1 gen 1, VGA, MicroSD card reader, and Ethernet LAN RJ-45.

Wireless connection:

Having a wireless connection is no less than a blessing. It broadens your horizons with Wi-Fi 6 technology and Bluetooth 5. You get to surf the web, download your favorite content or connect peripherals with your laptop.


This is the temporary storage for commands like copy, paste, opening a window, tabs, and waking screen from sleep. In an average laptop, you get 16 to 32GB RAM for operating the system perfectly. 


There is storage space for the user to keep all their data unified and under one flagship. The more of this feature means, the more ease there is. From the Kb position, having more than 1TB is the best way to go.

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