Dell New XPS 13 9300 Review

Dell is taking the lead in the market with its high selling computer-related products. It’s an American company working for many years that not only sells and develops but also repair products related to computers. Dell is superseding in the market among many other companies with its revolutionized products to empower the human with gadgets equipped with jaw-dropping features that no one else can believe to be possible.

Dell New XPS 13 9300 Review

One such gadget, a laptop we have selected today is Dell New XPS 13 9300. Before digging the further details, I would like to share that CES Editors’ Choice Awards for The Best and Coolest Tech to Expect In 2020 was crowned to this laptop.

Choose the laptop wisely to meet your concerns but when you spend make sure you are not going to regret your decisions in end. This article will help you understand the basic qualities which distinguish this laptop from the rest.


Office workers such as multinational businessmen, bankers, teachers, and other people who have to interact with electronic gadgets often try their best to carry the device along with them because a minor interruption or late submission of your project could cost you a million-dollar loss. So, to streamline your work, Dell XPS 13 9300 will come in handy.

Its sleek design is enough to captivate user attention as the classic view will give you a feel of pro and the compact design resembles an Ultrabook that you can easily carry around the office and cafĂ©. 

The XPS 13 is scrupulously designed with aluminum. The palm rest is made of carbon fiber material to extend its durability. Its 13.4” widescreen perfectly displays every fraction with great precision.

Infinity display

The laptop offers 4 sides infinity edge display. The 13.4” large screen is curved from the sides that give you a mesmerizing display contact. The appearance is a masterpiece due to the ravishing 16:10 screen-to-body ratio. 

The screen is purely healthy to the eyes as in-built eye safe display mode filters the blue rays. Laptop and mobile phone screens emit blue rays which not only cause macular degeneration but also alter sleep routine and quality. Thanks to this Eye Safe Display which blocks the blue light emission from the screen without interfering with the color quality display.

The glass screen is made from Corning Gorilla Glass 6 which enhances durability, lifespan, and usage. The benefits derived from Gorilla Glass 6 are the screen is scratch-resistant, hard enough to endure damage, and the appearance adds elegance without altering any display detail.

Facial Recognition Feature

Security cannot be compromised at any level. Dell has not neglected the security concerns of users. As anyone from your family or friend can access your data if he/she cleverly notices you while typing a password. To secure your date more than before, facial recognition technology comes in handy. When you lift the screen and power on the device, the camera releases infrared rays upon the user’s face to recognize the user and unlock the laptop.

Lid Scanner

An integrated Lid Sensor enables the user to power on the device in no time no matter from which power state. The twin coil press-fit hinge aims to increase the screen to body ratio and quickly open the screen with a single hand while you are busy reviewing sheets in your other hand or eating a burger on a lunch break. 


You will also experience a 2.25mm integrated HD camera which gives you the best experience ever before. The camera uses a 4-lens element with a greater aperture to deliver sharp performance as compared to any ordinary webcam. The laptop is also equipped with a clever technology of temporal noise reduction to polish the video essence. 

Thermal Engineering

Heat is continuously evicted from the system via dual fans which run and transmit the heat released from the laptop over a large surface area which then channels to dual pipes for heat evacuation by a hidden hinge. This mechanism brings down the heat and cools the system for optimal performance. 

Dell Power Manager

The XPS 13 utilizes adaptive performance due to Intel Dynamic tuning technology. The feature helps the CPU economize the energy depending upon workload and tasks running on the laptop. The energy-saving technique comes out to be a blessing in disguise when the battery runs out of energy. 

The design is 6% thinner than the previous model but it has not forgotten any slots for headphone or SD card.

Eco Friendly

Material for laptops is gathered from the seashores trash which constitutes mainly plastic. Plastics from the ocean are collected and comprise 25% of the material for laptop construction. While the rest of 75% of the material is picked from recycled plastic. This is a small but revolutionizing measure to a safe environment from plastic toxicity and at-risk marine life.

The all-new Dell XPS-13 is testified and authenticated from the ENERGY STAR to make your products energy-efficient. 

The Dell New XPS 13 is void of any heavy metal and toxic ingredients like mercury, lead, and mercury. Moreover, the product is PVC-free and labeled with EPEAT certification to ensure the device is environment-friendly. 

Artistic Expression

The carbon fiber which is used in making the palm rest makes it strong as aluminum but lightweight. This is the reason the item weighs only 6 pounds. The sidewalls of the laptop are hypnotizing with glistening edges which not only resist the scratch but also protect from the damage due to off and on attaching and detaching the inserts in ports. 

Aluminum extends the endurance of the laptop as the material is taken from a high-quality aluminum cube, cut into two segments to make the appearance exquisite and luxurious.

Connect your PC to your Phone

With the help of the Dell Mobile App, you have bridge wirelessly the laptop to your mobile phone to share and deliver files to your system. The list goes on with making phone calls, sending messages, and getting notifications and alerts on your PC screen. The App can be downloaded and enjoyed by both Android and iPhone Users.

Other Technical Details

The incredible XPS-13 size of the display screen 13.4 Inches with the ultimate screen resolution of 1900×1200 to reveal enough details on the screen. The processor can handle multitasking and heavy apps due to the built-in 1.3 GHz belongs to the core i7 generation.

The hard drive can room 512 GB of data with a flashing memory speed of 3.9 GHz. The RAM size is 16 GB DDR4 to meet your requirements. 


The Dell XPS 13 is the eventual 13” Ultrabook that a student, career person, or any other individual needs. The laptop is sleekly designed with a great screen-to-body ratio to maximize your productivity. The touch screen helps to complete tasks with just one finger touch. In short, if you are looking for a laptop armed with the latest specs you must consider the Dell XPS 13.

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