Razer Blade 15 Base Review

Entertainment is as necessary as work and food so; game lovers enjoy their leisure time playing video games on their laptops. For the immersive gaming experience, you can encounter Razer Blade 15 which is designed primarily for games and considering the necessities for fascinating gaming. 

Razer Blade 15 Base Review


Razer is a multinational company taking the leads in the market for selling gaming hardware and electronic gadgets but also developing revolutionizing programs one step next. For incredible gaming exposure, your laptop has the following essential qualities such as extended battery timing, sleek design, light-weight, important slots for attachments, HD screen, and fast working processor to avoid any disturbance coming your way.

We have come up with Razer Blade 15 which is a 15.6” wide full high definition (FHD) display. The laptop is completely made of aluminum which gives it a remarkable look. Both the keyboard and track board are awesome. 

NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics

The laptop is armed with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics to electrify your laptop’s performance and speed. The graphics are lifelike and original therefore takes the laptop one step ahead. The gaming experience is further elevated because of the integrated 10th generation Intel Core i7 6 core processor, which delivers the fastest performance like a flash and powers the system

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX is reputable in the market for empowering the world’s best gaming laptops when adjoined with a Max-Q design which ends a professional graphics. The 8GB GDDR6 VRAM is sufficient for the fine display of complex textures or images.

Display Size

The 15.6’’ FHD glassy screen is alluring to the gamer which reveals every inch detail perfectly on the screen. 

10th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor

The 10th Gen intel core i7 processor super-excites the performance up to 5.0 GHz with Turbo Boost technology to sprightly increase the clock rate to compensate for the CPU working. Moreover, the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 makes your video streaming effortless and continuous. The intel Wi-Fi 6 technology automatically detects the Wi-Fi connection you’re in and accelerates the date rate up to 3 times. This allows the user to quickly download movies, creating backups in no time, and give a fascinating gaming experience.


The RAM features 2933MHz flash speed with 16GB dual-channel memory. Not just this the 512GB PCIe SSD improves your laptop’s performance. You can also upgrade the storage with an additional M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 slot. 

Compact Designed

New gadgets are intended to be compactly designed so portability becomes easier. The Razer Blade 15 is designed to thin bezel with an aluminum body to extend the lifespan. The laptop overall looks like a lustrous smart book.

High FPS

This laptop also features high frames per second (FPS). FPS decides the smoothness of the game running. A low FPS will slow down the appearance while a high FPS will stream your game like a continuous river flow. Display dimensions are 1920 x 1080 which is wide enough to display the image accurately with every detail. 

The ongoing gaming presents sharp fine details with an extra in-depth fraction of every bit. The device supports sRGB color with a detailed optical view on a thin-bezel screen. 


A good quality you would like about this laptop, it is enameled with T6 Temper Aluminum. Aluminum furnishes the laptop hard like a solid brick and frame more stable and enduring. The color is adherent to the finish and resists the damage and claws on the surface.

Zero Bloatware

This laptop is armed with Zero Bloatware to trash the unnecessary app to free and maximize the storage. It also enables the user to automatically delete the worthless app to save time for installing other applications.

An important milestone the Razer has covered is discrowning the Apple by winning the number 1 tech support by LaptopMag. The Razer has set its strong foundation in the market by making incredible improvements. This is a huge step on the success path as impossible has been turned into possible. No one can ever think about this win but Razer did this.

Razer Chroma

Integrated Razer’s RGB (red, green, blue) software in each key harmonize with the ecosystem. This Razer chroma makes your keyboard more immersive and deep detailing. 


The laptop suits people who are insane about gaming and want to enjoy an amazing HD widescreen. The laptop contains all the features one needs such as high-speed intel i7 processor, expandable memory, stylish design, and lifelike GEFORCE RTX graphics.

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