Weight Loss Challenge – Let’s do this together!

So, I found this very cool website (while using my laptop and walking on my treadmill) called WeightLossWars.com. You can start your own competition with your friends and family or you can join a public competition. I started a public competition, the information is below. You can also join just to meet other people who will help motivate you, read the blog and get some great recipes.

Weight Loss Challenge

Here is the link to our competition:


Weight Loss Challenge

This was going to be a weight loss group for Moms only but I realized that there were several times in my life when I needed to lose 10 – 15 lbs. So this group is open to anyone who wants to lose a little weight and make new friends.

It costs $10 to join any competition on the site but this will be money well spent. It could be the best $10 you spend all year and you could win $100.00!

This will be a three month competition starting the Monday after New Years (Jan 5 – April 5). So enjoy the holidays and get ready to look great for spring break! This is a friendly group and we are all here to support and encourage one another. During the competition, everyone is free to workout however they want: running outside, using a treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical machine, walking, weights, yoga, Pilates, etc… whatever you love to do! We will all check in weekly and would love to hear what is working for each of us.

SurfShelf will donate all the prizes: $100 plus a free SurfShelf to the winner as well as a SurfShelf to the runner up!

This is a great way to form a small support group that will help each of us reach our weight loss goals at the beginning of the New Year. It’s the perfect way to start 2009!

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