What is my Laptop’s screen size?

Are you wandering like everyone that what is your laptop’s screen size as you want to detect it but without measuring it? Here’s a cleared thing that the size of laptop’s screen is different than screen’s resolution as laptop’s screen is a physical measurement whereas resolution is something else.in this article you will get to know how to measure your laptop’s screen.

What is my Laptop’s screen size?

Same like other tech products which include TV, computer or LEDs they are measured diagonally from right top corner to left lower corner or vice versa with a simple measuring tape. If you don’t have any soft measuring tape you can use anything which has marks of inches or centimeters on it like a ruler. 

Normally there is a difference between the screen of the laptop and the frame above the screen so you need to make sure that you only have to measure the screen not the raised surface of your laptop. 

Now there’s a point to be noted that if are you buying any kind of screen protector or other protection system for your laptop’s screen than all you need to do is measure your laptop’s screen from all four sides rather than measuring it diagonally. Usually most of the laptops screen are in the range of 11 inches to 17 inches

Measurement of Laptop’s Screen through Internet

Are you LAZY? Or just pretty SMART? That without a measuring tape you want to find out your laptop’s screen volume. Now without wasting more time here comes a solution all you have to do is search on google about your particular laptop model and then look down for its specifications there you will find the exact measurements of your laptop’s screen. 

You need to be sure about your laptop’s product number or model number as every brand has different specs. If you don’t know the product or model number of your laptop it is just written downside of your laptop. Also, when measuring your laptop’s screen, you also need to beware of those fake results. 

How to check Laptop Screen Size on Windows 10

Wandering how to find out your laptop’s screen size in Windows 10 you are for surely at the best platform, all you need to follow the steps as it is quite easy to find out. 

  • Tap on the “Start” button in the tool bar below and search for System information.
  • After pressing on the “System Information” a window will open.
  • Search for the product number or model number is the system section.
  • Later search that model number in google and you will saw the manufacture website where the screen size is written. 


There is not such kind of a rocket science in measuring your laptop’s screen size you can measure it through different methods. As some can measure it on their own just by using a soft measuring tape or some can measure it simply by using internet.

By searching specifications of your laptop, you can search it from the google of by using a measuring tape and start calculating it diagonally you will get your answer quickly and easily. 

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